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My GT3 Thinks it's a €2.5m Bugatti Chiron! | VLOG

Hypercar galore at Klassikstadt in Frankfurt!

3y ago

It's a very blue day as we jump into the GT3 to go check out not one, but two Bugatti Chirons and a Veyron at Klassikstadt! With McLaren and Lamborghini Frankfurt hosting a convoy drive-out, they pulled out all the stops with the three Bugattis plus a Lamborghini Centenario Roadster on display. They may technically come from the same company, but the Chiron is quite a step up from the 911 GT3 that's for sure with literally triple the power!

Upon hearing the event was happening, I jumped into the new Porsche GT3 to drive over to Klassikstadt to check out the activity. We head straight through the line-ups of supercars to take a look at the highlights, the Bugatti Chirons before returning to check out everything there as they get underway for their drive-out.

Each Chiron is painted primarily in the traditional Bugatti blue, with slightly different configurations for the rear parts. Obviously in that line-up, my bright green GT3 sticks out but nonetheless it was fun to park it alongside to some photos - perhaps actually my jumper blends in better!

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