- Toyota Etios

My honest opinion about a cheap car in South Africa.

Well, right off the bat you can tell it's not really a very good looking car. It looks like a puffer fish that has had a really bad day.

It's measly 1.5 litre engine gives out a monstrous 88HP and by far one of the slowest cars I have driven in well...forever...if you want to overtake someone you will have to hope that they drive a Alfa or an old Jaguar and will break down... or that they are stuck in traffic. If not, you will have a bit of a tough time trying to overtake anyone. You have to mash your foot through the floor just to get up to high-way speeds.

What you get for your comfort is some electric windows, a radio and a air-condition just feels like someone is fanning you and some cup holders. It's not very well made either, when you close a door it sounds like it's going to fall apart...the tires make a very annoying noise too.

The ride is as hard as a rock, honestly it would feel better to sit on a boulder and roll yourself down a hill, the interior doesn't make you feel very special either, it's a cheap car and it shows. HOWEVER, most cheap cars at least have something going for them in terms of the interior and make you feel kind of like you're in a half committed relationship where things are terrible but you want to stay. The dials are from a toy, it really looks like the took the stickers from the little cars you buy for your car that make them think they are an adult.

Now I don't want anyone to think I am only bashing on the car, not at all.

There are good things about it, I do think it's reasonabl comfortable...the back seats are big enough for two and a half people. The boot is big enough for half a medium sized cow.

There's enough leg room, so you won't need to take your legs off and pop them in the boot till you get to where you want to go. The steering is easy and light, which makes it really easy to drive. HOWEVER, I do think it is too light, I want a car that gives me a slight *ugh ughmm* when I'm doing something ridiculous.

The stereo is pretty good too, it has great fuel consumption. Which makes it quite popular amongst thief's, because you can fill it up to the tippy top, they nick it and they gone and never see it again.

Do I think it's good for what it is?

Yes, I do. I do think that there are a few things that can be done to make it a little more...your own. The dials are slap bang in the middle like it used to be on the old Yaris, and I have never understood what the point behind this was. The dials are something that the driver has to be able to call his own...it's personal...it gets a bit annoying when you have to look at information on there and you have to turn your head to see, which then means you take your eyes off the road, which then means you'll just end up in a tree.

But it's cheap to maintain and keep going, it will be endlessly reliable because it's a Toyota. So it will keep going till the end of time.

However, I do think for a cheap, reasonably priced car. It's not bad at all.