My hotrod family

I grew up in a family of gear heads. My grandparents helped start a car club in their town when I was a kid. They'd drag me around to cruise-ins, meet-ups, swap-meets and whatever else they could find. At the time I didn't appreciate the initiation I was receiving. Especially when the show was a few hours away and I had to spend the entire day listening to adults talk about cars. Looking back however, those were some of the best times of my life. It's something I hope to one day pass on to my own kids.

Harvey Waters, Hot Rod Legend

My grandfather, pictured above, is pretty much a badass when it comes to hot rodding. In my memory he always had three or four cars in various states of completion rotating around the garage. One would be pristine, ready to drive two hundred miles to a show. Another half-built, body in primer with no engine and no interior. A third car would literally be strewn around the floor, parts in boxes, with no hope of ever coming to fruition. Inevitably each vehicle would be traded or sold before it was completely finished. Usually for another project car or something he could swap in the future. It was the thrill of imagining a car's potential that excited him. He never held onto anything for very long once the hard work was done. Ironically, some of the cars he enjoyed driving the most were built by other people. There must be a life lesson in there somewhere.

Harvey in his 33'

And so the journey continues. My dad and I started Gearhead Collectibles to honor the family tradition. We've immersed ourselves in car culture and now we're building a business to share our passion with the world. We'll be opening our doors in March, 2017.

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