My Japanese Carventure Pt. 11

37w ago


Another weekend cometh, and another day out in the city for I. Out in the city, I am always on the alert for anything interesting driving around, and I the first thing I spotted was this impeccable DC2 Integra Type R in Honda Racing White.

A true JDM legend of the 90s.

I do love how cars back then are so simple, yet elegant. Next, I found myself a Toyota rear drive sports saloon that I wish Toyota would sell elsewhere, the GR Sport Mark X.

Pushing out 300bhp from the rear wheels, the GR Sport Mark X definitely has the power to back up that mean look.

Yellow is a nice color on the Daihatsu Copen X-Play.

The X-Play is not my favorite variant of the Copen, however. It looks a bit too complicated for my tastes, but I love the color combination. As I continued on my walk I stumbled upon a classic motorbike on display at a storefront.

Anyone with any knowledge about bikes, please advise on this old Yamaha.

As I continued my walk, I found this super clean Toy. These classic Land Cruisers are everywhere down here in Kagoshima.

As with Land Cruisers, S15 Silvias are also a dime a dozen down here. This one here is a rarity, completely unmolested, at least to the naked eye. Normally these things would have flashy wings, bodykits, and drift stance.

Called the Acura TL where I live, the Honda Inspire is a nice sports sedan from Honda. The sport version is actually quite powerful for its age.

Waiting on a red light, I spotted my first JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI (during this trip in Japan). Unfortunately, the WRX and the STI version of the GC8 was never sold in the US, making my Subie friends quite frustrated.

I just love that gigantic STI spec wing on the back.

Next, I spotted James May's favorite small hatchback, the Suzuki Swift Sport!

Now this next spot has gotten me scratching my head.

It looks like a normal BRZ, but it has rather factory looking STI badging on it. It is not the official STI tuned BRZ ts since it does not have the distinctive gt-wing and red trim, but I suspect that this car was modified by STI after the fact.

Although I may be wrong, there do seem to be a lot of these running around so who knows. Regardless, it looks cool.

See what I mean when I say that FJ Land Cruisers are everywhere? Not that I am complaining though.

As I neared the train station, I found this Legacy B4. Another great JDM that the US never got.

Next we have another one of those cars that John Coleman absolutely loathes, the Mitsuoka Viewt.

I for one think they are quite cute in a quirky kind of way. Yes, blast away Mr. Coleman.

After that oddity came this oddity. I only found out about Lorinser a short while before my departure to Japan and boy was I surprised to find one here. Specializing in tuning up and modifying Mercedes Benz S classes, Lorinsers are for a lack of a better word, quite interesting.

Being a fan of weird and quirky cars, I quite like it (though I will never buy one even if I had the money). However, I do think the Lorinser's styling may be a bit too strong in taste for most people out there.

After I spotted this Lorinser, I met up with a couple of my coworkers to go to one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Kagoshima Prefecture, Summer Night.

So I tried some firework photography and they did not turn out half bad if I do say so myself.

My first attempt at firework photography, what do you guys think?

Now, back to cars.

When I say car, I also meant this cute cat that enjoys sitting on top of cars.

For the dog people out there, here is a better look at the car.

Possibly my favorite luxury sedan on the market right now. At least at this price point.

Another S15, but this time in my country town, which surprisingly has a lot of cool cars.

Another LS500, but this time it is not the hybrid, and it appears to be modified. I wonder how much power this guy puts out.

As I rounded the corner, I spotted this wonderful Toyota Crown Athlete for sale at a used car dealership next to a first generation Daihatsu Copen Ultimate Edition.

This is a rare color for the Copen as well, bespoke to the Ultimate Edition.

Though it may look black from the picture, it is actually a very intricate shade of purple.

What a lucky two days, found myself another DC2 Type R Integra.

As I walked down the street, this A80 Supra zoomed past and I was lucky to catch this shot before it left.

After I spotted that iconic Toyota, I spotted another Toyota icon, the Chaser. This particular Chaser looks quite stunning in white as well.

As I neared the local Don Quijote for some shopping, I finally got myself a good shot of a Subaru Levorg STI. Basically a wagon version of the Impreza STI, it is another cool car us Americans are destined not to have for at least 25 years.

Another sweet spot in the car park, a GT86 with a gigantic wing.

After my shopping, I found that the A80 Supra that almost eluded me was also stopped in the same car park! Naturally, I went in for a few more pictures.

Manual transmission JDM A80 Supra. What can be better?

It even has that iconic rear spoiler! The whole car just looks perfect.

Although I am sure the engine is modified, the body of the car looks largely unmodified and just looks amazing. And with that, I will end today's post and pick it up next week. Sorry for the late (and long) post. Been a bit busy recently.

Which spot was your favorite? Comment your thoughts below and as always, thanks for reading!