My Japanese Carventure Pt. 12

Japan is a great country with some great cars.

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Continuing off from last time, I stumbled upon this kei van with an interesting body kit.

There are apparently many VW Bus kits for a multitude of different kei vans and carriers. This kei does not match the VW look as well as others do, but it is a cute idea.

Sweet Porsche 964 sitting in front of my friend's Porsche/VW specialist shop. This was before I met the wonderful people at Tai's World (the shop name) and I am so glad I got to meet these wonderful guys.

Specializing in Porsches and VW's, Mr. Ueno always has cool stuff at his shop. So weird for me to imagine a time when I did not know these guys.

Here is a green 930 named "Greenie" Mr. Ueno is in the process of restoring. I will be doing a promotional video for him featuring this 930 once he finishes, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, we are planning another video next week.

What do you guys think of gold or silver Porsche decals on the side?

Not a car per se, but I am as much a train spotter as well as a car spotter. Here we have a Kirishima express model 787 train from JR Kyushu.

Another car that we don't have in the US. For those of you with these in their markets, how is the Renault Twingo RS as a car? Is it a nice fun little hatchback?

Oh my god! A Toyota Gazoo Racing Sport Edition Toyota Alpha! Otherwise known as a sport Prius, and yes, these are real and come like this straight from the factory.

Here we have what I consider the first modern Lancer Evolution, the Evo VII. Not too fond of these however. The way it looks just does not captivate me as much as the older models do.

The old Hayato ruins dating back to the feudal era of Japan and the Satsuma Domain.

As I continued walking around town, I found this old Toyota Cresta in a surprisingly stock shape, apart from the wheels.

Crestas are incredibly customizable, and were super popular cars for crazy body kits back in the 90s.

This one is in great shape for its age.

Such nice old lines on this car. Just screams 90's.

The brother of the more well known Gloria, the Nissan Cedric was also a popular four door tuner car back in the 90's for some not too nice folks.

Honda Beat in my favorite color. I'd really like to buy one while I am here, but unfortunately I am not staying in Japan long enough for buying one to be financially viable.

Thanks to the wonderful rotary support in Japan, rotary cars such as this RX-8 are a dime a dozen.

I am quite satisfied with how this shot turned out.

A sweet MR-S greets me as I near the port. Until now, I did not know that these were called the MR-S here in Japan rather than MR-2 Spyder.

Subaru Levorg STI in classic Subaru Rally Blue. I absolutely love these.

A sweet view of the local volcano from the port. The most active volcano in Japan, Sakurajima is also the most active super volcano, constantly observed by scientists. In fact, it spews ash everyday, like in this picture.

Another RX-8 to prove my point.

A Nissan President driving by. Nissan's answer to the Toyota Century, the newer Presidents definitely lost their charm when compared to the classics. While the Toyota Century kept its classy retro, and luxurious look, the President got fat, and bulbous.

It just looks like a fat Cedric. Those aftermarket wheels do not help it neither.

A nice and true JDM Subie for the Subie fans out there.

A Toyota Crown in a truly extravagant body kit. Here with Lexus badging to try and look more foreign market.

Although the grown up in me just looks at this car and thinks idiotic,

The child in me definitely likes this haha.

Another good view of the local Volcano. Those aren't clouds up there, that's ash.

VW R's are incredibly popular here in Japan.

Classic Yamaha bike for sale at a local bike shop.

Toyota Century. See what I mean when I say the President can hold no candle to the Century?

The new Corolla Sport hatchback. Hearkening back to the days of old when the Toyota Corolla was a pedigree sports car such as the Levin.

Blue also looks incredibly good on it. I'm expecting good things from you, Toyota.

Nissan Pao for sale! I love the Pao. Both its looks and its name is incredibly cute.

PAO right in the kisser! Haha.

Another spot of one of my favorite luxury sedans, the new Lexus LS500. This one is the H hybrid model however. A bit lower with regards to power than the base 500, but you pay a smaller road tax on it.

They both look equally good though.

One day..... one day.

Badass Nissan Gloria wagon with some fuzzy dice at the Honda parking lot. Must be a staff at the Honda dealer as I see this car at the Honda car park a lot.

Remember what I said about the President? Well, see how the mighty have fallen. Look at how good the President used to look. This old 60's President just exemplifies Japanese luxury.

This particular example is in great shape.

While this one looks like it just came out of the factory yesterday, there is another Nissan President in the same lot.

And this second one is not in the best of shape. Perhaps being cannibalized for parts by the President shown above.

Caught this beautiful VW Bus on my way home after a long day. Perhaps he is a customer of Tai's World.

This sweet as hell R34 Skyline GT-T for sale at my local secondhand car shop. The car was later sold at auction to be possibly exported to either Australia or Canada.

That huge wing and gold wheels just look so cool on this car.

I wonder how much this beast sold for.

A late model RX-8. Definitely looks a lot cooler than the pre-facelift. If only Mazda kept making this.

EK-9 speeding by as I walk home.

An early model S15 Silvia Spec S.

And a Subaru Impreza WRX wagon with some fake STI badging, admitted the owner. Haha

And last but not least, the legendary GTR Z Tune NISMO.

Since I posted about this car in a separate post before, I will keep this short and show you guys the unedited raw images.

For more of my thoughts and info on this legendary car, here is a link to the original article


And the cute neighborhood cat to end my long day of spotting. Which was your favorite spot? Comment your thoughts below and as always, thank you for reading.

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Comments (4)

  • That silver R34 is stunning.

      1 year ago
  • Well you can put the Honda beat in a bag if you go back to the US. P.s. About the twingo I had some rides in one and it isn't really well made in my opinion but it drives and has cool dials in my opinion.

      1 year ago
  • Very interesting place to visit, must add it onto my list of countries to visit

      1 year ago
  • I love the Honda Beat too

      1 year ago