Despite a return to the regular program, it is still Japan, and there are still many interesting cars to be found in the land of the rising sun.

And we start with this rather beautiful Silvia S15 Spec S.

Powered by a naturally aspirated SR20DE engine producing 165 bhp, the S15 Spec S is quite a modest machine. Although it isn't fast down a long straight, the S15 is well balanced and incredibly fun around the corners.

Makes sense why the S15 is such a popular drift car.

Aside from being a popular drift car, the S15 is also a very popular everyday car as seen by this rather stock Spec R S15. Unlike the Spec S, the Spec R is turbocharged, giving it a whopping power boost to 250bhp stock.

Let us move on to Honda for a minute, because the next car I spotted was this Honda Torneo Euro R. Practically the same car as the CL1 Honda Accord Euro R (Type R in Europe), the Torneo Euro R was supposed to be a sportier looking version of its Accord brother.

With a 220bhp VTEC engine, MOMO steering wheel, RECARO seats, LSD, sports suspension etc. The Torneo is definitely worthy of the R name.

In fact, more than the CL1 Accord, the Torneo Euro R is considered the true predecessor to the CL7 Accord Euro R, due to its sportier nature.

Next we have an oddity that will surely make a few of you upset.

It looks like a Beetle with a pig nose, or had plastic surgery to get the same nose as a Rolls Royce.

At least it looks normal from the back.

My favorite kei sportscar, the S660. Although this car did not make it outside of Japan, rumor has it that Honda may be producing an export S car called the S1000. Whether or not this rumor is true can only be answered by time.

Would you look at that, another S15!

A Spec R as well!

But, that was not it because this S15 was not alone!

Here we have a kouki (facelift) S13 180sx hatchback, and boy does it look beautiful.

My favorite part is its tail light. One of the best looking JDM tail lights in my opinion.

In fact, there were two of these lovelies next to each other.

An AMG G wagen is not too shabby either.

And this replica Porsche Speedster. Apparently the owner is friends with my Porsche buddies and they revealed to me that this was indeed a replica. Still incredibly cool though.

A nice Legacy wagon with STI wheels. I really wish they mass produced the Legacy 401. But, if they did that, the Legacy 401 would not be special anymore.

My ideal window shopping.

Another nice window shopping car, the Toyota Crown Athlete RS.

Producing 315bhp, the Crown RS is quite a nice sleeper car.

Now the car with the cutest name in my opinion, the Nissan PAO. Interestingly, I have never seen one of these in a color other than blue.

Next thing I saw was an original Type R Civic, the EK9. This one looks amazing in Honda Racing White and carbon bonnet.

What a lucky bloke.

And of course my first wild spot of a Honda NSX in Japan is blurry. This guy blasted by me so fast that I did not have time to react and could not get this shot in focus.

Well, at least I got this in focus, an R31 Skyline GT-D Passage.

This is possibly the most family car and boring Skyline out there, but that is what makes this one a bit more special.

While most R31's being preserved until this day are the sportier GTS or GTS-R's, many of these family saloons have been scrapped to avoid the higher taxes applied on older cars.

As I continued on my walk around town, this lovely S660 in my favorite color drove by.

I quite like this shot.

And of course, as the cover image shows, I have spotted an Enfini Mazda RX-7 FD.

Spotted at a Mazda dealership, this FD looks incredibly new. However, there is a car in the back that excites me more than this lovely FD.

And that is this final generation Mazda Cosmo JC 3 rotor.

With a twin turbo three rotor engine, the JC Cosmo produced 300bhp and was an absolute beast of a car back in the 90's.

In fact, many RX-7 owners, primarily FD owners, swap out Cosmo three rotor engines into their cars for the extra power while still retaining the rotary goodness.

And that is the only acceptable engine swap for an RX-7 in my opinion. Swapping in LS engines into an RX-7 is blasphemous in too many ways.

That concludes part 14 of my Japanese Carventure. Which one was your favorite? Comment your thoughts below, and as always, thanks for reading!

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