My Japanese Carventure Pt.13 Barnfind Exclusive

Part 13 of my Japanese Carventure is mostly "barnfinds"

2y ago

Sunday in town means I am out on another photoshooting outing in this wonderful town of Kirishima. I saw a cool poster of a train in front of the local volcano at the train station so I decided to go to the spot to see if I can get a shot of that view myself. On the way to the location, I spotted something that I love but was never sold in the US.

The Audi S3 hatchback. I would love both the S3 or RS3 in hatchback form, but for some reason, the hot hatch never made it stateside (though we have the sedan).

I mean look at how good this is.

As I went on my way, I spotted this Honda S660 driving out of the car park. Another great little Japanese car the world did not get.

It is the perfect mix of cute and cool.

I would love it even more if it was yellow haha. After a long walk and waiting, I finally got a few shots. What do you think?

From there, I decided to see what kind of cool spots I could find and boy did I find something cool.

I found a treasure trove of old "abandoned" cars awaiting restoration. First up is this classic Gloria.

The predecessor to the Nissan Fuga/Infiniti M class, back when the Gloria was still cool.

And to my excitement, there was this old R30 Skyline 2000RS-Turbo X. Although it looks dusty, this Skyline looks in quite good shape.

Look at that iconic rear end. Although I would like it better if it is in the iconic red and black, it is still cool to see this icon.

This one in particular is the facelifted "iron face" R30 which featured a turbo upgrade and better performance than the more classic 2000RS-Turbo.

Oh how I want to rescue this poor guy. Next up at the "barn" was this Isuzu Piazza Nero Yanase 70th Anniversary Edition.

A really underrated Japanese hatchback back when Isuzu made some great cars.

What's more is that this was a special edition to celebrate Japanese rental car company Yanase's 70th anniversary.

Next to the wonderful Isuzu was this battered, stock S13 Silvia.

Possibly my favorite S chassis.

And in the back were many many more gems like this AE86 coupe in the Panda pattern.

Here we have a hatchback AE86 next to it.

Then there was an old Subaru Leone. The predecessor of the Impreza, this is quite an iconic, yet underrated car.

FIGAROOOOOOO. I know this is your favorite @Sebastian Auerbach.

A red Levin. Itsuki's dream car haha.

I spy with my little eye an Isuzu Bellet behind an S130 Datsun Fairlady Z. Now here is another view of the Leone from another angle.

Now prepare yourselves before you gaze upon the front of the red Levin above.

How broken is your heart now.

Another poor Levin in need of some body work.

Next to his twin brother. This Trueno is actually not in too bad of a condition.

I really really want to buy these, restore them, and take them back home.

Not my favorite Alfa, but an Alfa is an Alfa.

Poor little Alfa Giulia. Seems like this one might be beyond recovery.

Here is a closer look at the Fairlady. If only it was not covered.

And a closer look at the coupe Trueno.

What do you think of these hidden gems? Which would you take home? Comment your thoughts below and as always thank you for reading.

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