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Since I still have quite a lot more cars to cover from the Sakura Noen Classic Car Event


With more than a hundred cars at that event, covering everything will take a while.

Now that I am done plugging my posts (since it did not really occur to me to put links in these before), let's dive into part 15!

First up today is this interestingly green third generation Toyota MR2, otherwise known as the MR-S.

Although the MR-S is a return to the small and lightweight philosophy of the original MR2, I do not think it looks nearly half as good as its two predecessors. Green is a good twist on the car though.

As I continued my long walk, I stumbled on this rather pristine E30 BMW 325i. Do not get fooled by the M badge. Back in the states, most E30's that are not M3's are almost always busted up and rusted, but this one is just so well kept.

Especially considering this is a seaside and volcanic town, meaning it has to deal with salt in the air and falling ash on a regular basis.

Something else cool about Japan aside from the cars, are the numerous shrines that pop up here and there.

Beautiful red S15. This was back when I was still fresh in Japan and freaking out at every single Silvia, Skyline, and other "true JDM" I see that I will try to get any kind of picture, even if it turns out crappy like this one.

Cool little altar by the side of the road.

One of my favorite Peugeots, the RCZ. Although not too prominent in this picture, I just love that buttcheek styling on the roof.

Those nice cheeks apparently helps the RCZ produce downforce without a spoiler. I am not a physicist, so someone will have to help me confirm this.

As I continued along the highway, I stumbled upon this Jimny specialist shop.

Seeing how cool this yellow Jimny is outside, I decided to ask the staff if I can peruse their inventory.

Interestingly and luckily enough, one of the people that was there was a coworker! He recognized me from my first day introductions and proceeded to show me around this wonderful little shop.

Which one of these Jimnies do you prefer? I quite like the mini Jeep Rubicon lookalike. It even comes with a winch!

But, the piece de resistance (for Jimny fans) is this little unicorn of Jimnies, a rare two stroke Jimny!

"Rare car! Two stroke engine SJ30". Although it had a tiny engine, the car produced a ton of torque for offroading and was preferred over the one that replaced it.

Take a look at this little thing.

For those of you not interested in Jimnies, there were a lot of goodies in the back waiting to be restored or used as parts, such as these AE86's.

Sad to see them in such a state, but at least they are in a place where they can be used one way or another.

Not everything is in such a condition, however. This Legacy B4 looks ready to race.

Good enough to eat.

Across from the Subie, we have a first generation, "matchbox" MR2 waiting to be fixed up.

An amazing little car, the original MR2 had a 4A-GE engine, and the supercharged version had faster acceleration (to 60) than a Ferrari 348, Supra, and NSX!

If only I had the money to save this one.

However, the one car I really want to see fixed up is this race livery R32 GT-R! In fact, my coworker was working on another R32 GT-R inside.

Here is another Subie, a prefacelift GC8 Impreza. The facelift definitely helped out on the styling department.

Here we have another Levin.

Contrary to popular belief, the fixed headlight Levin was the more popular body type when the AE86 first came out.

The fixed headlight was a big factor to why it was better in sales than the Trueno. It was only after Initial D that the Trueno gained its prominence over the Levin.

Speaking of Truenos. Not sure how I feel about the fenders though. Not my style.

Now switching back to Levin.

Amongst all the busted up "junkyard finds", we have this brand new Jimny watching over the others.

For those of you that enjoy rotary goodness, here is an old FC3S.

This was my only FC spot so far in Japan. That old car tax really takes its toll.

Probably also why so many of these cars are in such a state.

At least this MR-S is in good order.

Although it is my least favorite MR2 generation, it does grow on you the more you look at it.

Especially one that is done up as good as this.

Here we have an EP82 Starlet GT Turbo. 135bhp and four wheel drive means this little hot hatch was a true force to be reckoned with.

Again, American plebs like me never got to see these lovely things since they never sold this generation in the US. Hopefully some bloke will import some of these over. At the time, I actually did not know how awesome the Starlet GT Turbo was and now I regret not taking more pictures, even though this one is in less than good condition.

After perusing their cars, I said good bye to my coworker and headed off.

Here is a beautiful 987 Boxster Spyder getting a waxing and coating. With only 1,944 of these ever produced, the Boxster Spyder is quite a rare car. Luckily for me I know a friend who owns one and I was lucky enough to get a ride in one of these beauties. I could report that these things are bloody brilliant.

Lovely S15 Spec R. Did I mention these are everywhere?

After a whole day, I made it to the seaside park and got some cool pictures.

Sakurajima Volcano

What do you think of these pictures? :D

As I began my long walk back home, I stumbled upon this busted up Datsun Sunny truck. And in the back, I saw this beauty.

A bright orange Toyota Celica GTV!

It looks incredibly good and I am surprised it was just chilling in a back lot somewhere with no registration.

This needs to be taken up to the mountains for a nice touge run.

S15 drove by on my walk back home.

Did I mention there are a lot of these?

Aside from being blessed with many beautiful cars, I was also blessed with many beautiful landscapes.

Subie driving by.

And found an awesome looking FD3S!

The red paintjob and gigantic wing gives me a lot of Eurobeat vibes. Sporty FD? What could go wrong.

Nissan Gloria for sale. This is my favorite generation Gloria, as it is far enough away from the Fuga while also being more modern than the really old Glorias. To put it simply, I just like the 90's.

Another car from the 90's, a Z32 Fairlady Z.

As you can probably guess, this is one of my favorite Fairlady generations.

Because I am running in the 90's and it is a new way of life for me.

Now I am going to end on a weird one. A Daihatsu Midget II. Quite interesting looking car, I guess the II means the 2 headlights as opposed to the single headlight on the original Midget. All in all, I walked 24km in total during that day and got a ton of spots as a result.

Which spot was your favorite? Comment your thoughts below and as always thank you for reading!

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