All the non-GTR Skyline generations at the Sakura Noen Classic Car Festival. Also a nice little treat in the end

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If you have not checked out part one or two of this classic car show, come check out the links below!

To pick up from the last Carventure, here are the remaining Skylines that were at the show. Let's go in model order like we did last time.

The first Skyline after the "death" of the GT-R was also the first Skyline to be exported to European markets. The C210 succeeded the Kenmeri Skyline in 1977 and was split into two ranges, the basic range and the sportier 6 cylinder range as the one shown above.

The 2000 GT-EX (shown above) replaced the GT-R as the top of the line sports model of the Skyline and incorporated the L20ET turbocharged straight six from the Cedric and Gloria. This was the first turbocharged engine to be put in a Japanese production car and developed a modest 145bhp.

The C210 was sold in European and Australian markets as the Datsun 240 GT-K, named after the larger displacement, yet less powerful L24 engine producing 130bhp.

Aesthetically, the C210 is like a sleeker Kenmeri Skyline with more "modern" square headlights as opposed to the classic circular ones. These are not sought after as much as the GT-R's, which makes this car quite a nice little niche car.

Next, we have the first true modern Skyline.

Introducing the R30 Skyline. This R30 Skyline 2000 GT-RS Turbo is done up in the same spec as the one featured in the classic Japanese police drama, Seibu Keisatsu. The owner did a very good job making the car look exactly like the one in the show. Although I do not know why the owner also put scissor doors on it.

Now on to the car. Introduced in 1981, the R30 Skyline was the first of the modern Skylines. The top of the line model, as you can guess was the RS Turbo and the more luxury oriented RS-X Turbo. Utilizing the FJ20ET turbocharged engine, the RS Turbo produced 190bhp and was an incredibly fast car in the early 80's.

There was also a four door version of the RS-Turbo. I think the R30 is the most iconic non-GT-R Skyline and that badass side decal is one of the reasons why.

By 1984, the R30 saw a facelift commonly referred to as the Iron face 鉄仮面. Aside from better intakes and aerodynamics, the facelifted RS-Turbo also featured an upgraded engine producing 204bhp.

The R30 is my absolute favorite non-GTR Skyline generation and I am sure you can guess why. It just looks so cool and the livery on the RS-Turbo is so iconic and timeless. Here are some more pictures of this icon.

After the R30, we have the first Skyline to use the RB engine.

Introduced in 1985, the R31 Skyline, aesthetically does not look too different from its predecessor, the R30. The R31 was also the last Skyline before the rebirth of the GT-R and it does fit perfectly between the R30 and R32.

The top of the line R31 was the GTS-R. (Starting to get closer to the GT-R now). Produced to meet Group A Touring Car homologation requirements, only 823 units were made, making this one of the rarer Skylines.

Equipped with the RB20DET engine, the R31 GTS-R produced 207bhp with racing versions producing up to 430bhp using the same engine.

After the R31, the Skyline returned to its former glory as Godzilla, the GT-R rises from the dead. Here are two GT-R's from two different generations as a treat for all of you!

Which of these Skylines are your favorite? Mine is definitely the R30. Comment your thoughts below and as always, thanks for reading!

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  • The Kenmeri was actually the first Skyline to be exported to foreign markets. It was just exported under the Datsun name as the 160K, 180K, and the 240K. Some were also exported as the Datsun Skyline.

      2 years ago
    • Oh right. Always forget Australia. The 210 was first sold in Europe

        2 years ago
  • All great looking, when they're not ruined.

      2 years ago