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My journey to 100% Auto Live 2018, and why you should consider going next year

Article and photography by: Markus van der Klooster 13/10/2018

On the 13th and 14th of october each year, the Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands is the place to be if you like cars, and here's why.

100% Auto Live, formerly known as 100% Tuning, is one of the biggest car events in Europe, hosting more than 40.000 car fanatics this year who've come from all over the continent to have a look at all the sweet rides and displays, covering over 30.000 square meters of awesomeness.

Whilst the event is mainly focussed on modified cars of all shapes and sizes, there's also a ton of other things to look at and do that will get any car fan's mouth to water, such as multiple drift displays, lowriders cruise-inns, crazy rev battles, and this year there even was a team of lunatics on BMX's putting on a show!

If you're a family man (or woman) and you're afraid of having to convince your significant other that this is in fact an important affair for which you most certainly have to use the family car, fear not, for there are plenty of family activities as well, such as a mini-grand prix for your young'uns, multiple workshops, and even a few gaming rigs that'll do an excellent job of keeping the slightly older offspring out of your hair for a good few hours. Complementary earplugs are provided as well, so that the baby needn't even awake from his or her slumber.

For those who are interested, a more detailed view of (almost) all the different aspects of the show will now follow. (I left out the BMX show, seeing as I am focussing on the cars.)

Modified cars

As mentioned before, the event mainly revolves around modified cars, either Japanese or European. All the cars get hand-picked by the organizers, and each year they do a truly magnificent job of it. Whether it's a car that's been built in a shed by an enthousiast in his free time, or one made by a prestigious tuning company, it's all there, and the total picture is amazing. Also, just like SEMA for example, all sorts of automotive companies get a chance to promote their product and even sell some. If you've been looking for that one taillight for a Datsun Bluebird for all those years, chances are it might be there (but don't come back to me on that).

I will now include some pictures of the crazy modified cars on show. If you would like to see more, have a look at my profile, where I will post all of them eventually.


Technically speaking these are modified car as well, but I wanted to feature them separately, seeing as they're an art in and of themselves in my opininion.

Drift displays by Nankang

Each year the boys of the Nankang drift team light up some tires in three driftshows per day. These guys are the best the Netherlands has to offer, and I highly recommend checking them out. I will not torture you guys with the awful video I made, but instead I'll just leave you with the following picture; it speaks for itself.

The boys lighting up some tires (and tarmac). Credit: Charles Batenburg.

So what do you guys think? Have I convinced you? I sure hope I have, and I hope to see you there next year!



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