My Knight Rider (mis)Adventure

4y ago
- Dec 01 - It all started with me buying this from a facebook friend. Car supposedly overheated once a year ago and he didn't have time to deal with it since. It all seemed simple...
- Dec 01 - The roadmap (in theory) Bringing the car from North CArolina to LA after repairing the possibly blown head gasket. I thought it would be a matter of two days.
- Dec 07 - The 80s called, they want their car back. The car doesn't even start. After 3 hours on the phone with AAA going back and forth with wether I'm cocered or not, I decide to call it a night and wait for the morning to get it towed.
- Dec 08 - James comes to the rescue. And while he doesn't like me filming him, he does a great job at not damaging the extra low to the ground KITT nose.
- Dec 08 - The shop we brought the car to started it and all the coolant fluid went right trhough the exhaust. It migh be worse than a blown head gasket... I decide to drive it to the hotel which was 0.3 miles away.m
- Dec 08 - Motel (K)night
- Dec 09 - After calling all the shops referenced on Google and being turned off by all of them, the last of them gives me Terry's number. I try my chance and Terry is up to the challenge and not too expensive.
- Dec 09 - Decision is made, I'm buying a crate GM engine rather than spending money to dismantle the current powerplant maybe for nothing. Expected delivery : Monday 14th... God, 5 more days in this place, I'm gonna lose my miinnnddddd.
- Dec 09 - Twilight Zone, or Stranger Things, as you prefer. I picked a cheaper hotel in regards of my newly extended stay (yayyy) so these are the only two places I can go to by foot for a week, as I wait for the mechanic to swap swap swap
- Dec 11 - My life looks like Groundhog Day since I bought this car
- Dec 11 - Christmas came early! Maybe I'll finally leave this place one day
- Dec 13 - Redneck swappin' Everything could not be that easy, had to order more parts : distributor, fuel pump and spark plug wires.

I will update this post as I go, stuck in North Carolina for now

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