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D​on't worry, it's normal for them to look like that

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I​'ve gone a bit Jag crazy recently, hence the purchase of these two 1950s beauties. I mean, they're not so pretty now but give it some time and they should become top notch examples.

H​ere's a first bit of progress – getting the XK120 down to the bare metal. Tell me that isn't incredibly satisfying...


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  • 2020 = Hammond’s Jaaaag Year

      6 months ago
    • A true mid-life crisis.

        6 months ago
    • Yeah that’s all very well and I like all the stuff Hammond and the other 2 do. But when was this filmed excatly? I hope it was before any measures came into place otherwise FFS.

        6 months ago
  • I cant wait to see it finished!!! But Richard, where’s your beard?!?

      6 months ago
  • Is James May still bugging you about your E-Type that he want to buy from you?

      6 months ago
  • Very nice!! Perhaps they can rebuild that Land Rover that's in bits in the shed at your estate too 🤣

      6 months ago
  • #metoo

      6 months ago


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