- Note, the car in the image is NOT my Toyota, it just looked like it when it was brand new

My little blue Toyota

A story about a boy and little blue Toyota.

28w ago

Now the first thing I want to note is that this is NOT my little blue Toyota in the cover photo, it doesn't even look like that anymore. In fact my little blue Toyota isn't even mine, it's my mothers, which she got from my dad. But this is all besides the point and I'll explain why.

I learnt to drive when I was 2016, I was 15 at the time and I learned with this car. The specs are as follows. It's a 2003 Toyota Corolla. It's colour is navy blue. It's powered by a 1.6 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine, it's had 108hp and 147Nm of torque. It sends all it's power to the front wheels via a 5 speed transmission and it weighs about 1116kg. Currently sitting it has about +400 000km on the clock.

Are these stats important? No, because I've never cared about them . In fact I just learnt these for you guys. To me this things behaviour changes every time I get in. Some days it feels like a 200hp solid machine, on others its feels a 50hp shitbox. It's character completely changes with my mood and that's what I love about it and about cars, the different emotions they invoke.

But back to the car. It's 13 years of life it's done many things, but I'm going to focus on the last 6 years since I've started driving. It taught me, my brother and sister how to drive. I've driven it to High School(it even gained me a small fraction of attention). I've driven all across Cape Town with my friends in it, I've gone from Signal Hill to Stellenbosch in this thing. I've spent nights having a laugh with the guys in it to sneaking off to see friends far from home. Even had some of my friends have a go behind the wheel it (as you'll see below).

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One of my many adventures with the boys

But it hasn't always been good vibes. I've been hijacked in it(got it back), it's broken down at the worst of times, been written off in an accident and currently the battery needs replacing and I've ruined the handbrake and 2 sets of tyres with my Stig-like antics. On top of that maintaining it in Covid has been difficult. But luckily it's a Toyota so it's bulletproof (wish I was in the hijacking). A few visits to a workshop and it'll be running smooth as silk again.

One of the 2 times it blew a tyre because of said antics resembling a man in a white suit.

One of the 2 times it blew a tyre because of said antics resembling a man in a white suit.

With the pros and cons of the car I'm going to put hand on heart and say I have loved it. I've boned with it the same way a man bonds with his dog. It's been the major contributor to all the fun and excitement in my life for the last 6 years. My mums been wanting to replace this car for years but my dads refused to sell it, it's his favourite car he's ever bought and I stand by him on this decision. I know my dream car is a Mazda MX5, but if I had to trade old blue for one then I'd have to let the Mazda go.

Moral of the story: For anyone reading this. I hope you've enjoy your or a car as much as I've enjoyed driving old blue. And if you are yet to drive, I hope you find a car that speaks to your soul, whether it be an Alfasud to a Zenvo ST1.

Comment what was the first car you ever owned/drove, I'd really love to know.

P.S If any of my friends are reading this. Please don't tell my mom.

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Comments (5)

  • My first car was a 94 Toyota Camry with a 3.0 liter v6. Even though it was worn out, it was a blast to drive. Unfortunately, I stopped driving it after I overheated it because of a failed water pump. Last year, I binge watched a youtube channel called Moter Week and found out why the Camry was so fun to drive. With that gen of Camry, Toyota tried to compete with BMW in the sport sedan market, according to a retro review that Motor Week had uploaded.

      6 months ago
    • I had a friend who's dad had a similar Camry to yours, he ruined it do bad, reverse stopped working and the hood latch broke so if you went too fast it flew open, I think an overheated water pump isn't that bad😅

        6 months ago
  • very well written,some cars are just unique :)

      6 months ago
  • Lovely article :-)

      6 months ago
  • Lol I love the fact that I have NEVER been ticketed with Old Blue😂❤️

      6 months ago