My lockdown innovation - Drone car photography

Need to shoot a car in a socially distant manner?

42w ago

So as everyone else I got a 'bit' bored during the lockdown, once the some of the restrictions lifted I decided to get back into action and try out something I thought about during the lockdown.

Drone car photography. The ideal way to photograph cars during a global pandemic, unique style, perspective, wow-factor and all that without the need to even leave your car! (though I did leave my car, health and safety whilst flying an all that).

Red Fiesta

Double the cars, double the fun?

No, it doubles the stress of managing 2 cars on the road! But results are nice..

Solos are the fun too though...

Okay.. enough Fiestas...

All shot's taken on my Mavic 2 Pro with ND 8 & 16 filters, taken around 'Sunk Island', East Yorkshire.

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