- My 1991 Toyota Sprinter (right) that cost me upwards of $4000 in 2016.

My love for cars and why it's (probably) different from yours

Car guys, gearheads, or petrolheads -- you folks go by many names. What if I'm none of the above but still a huge car lover?

3y ago

There's one thing that's common among pretty much all of the petrolheads -- they love race cars. Whether it's a track-focused car or a car that's road legal yet packs some serious punch, it's no wonder fast cars -- and supercars -- are loved by all, including those who do not possess as much automotive knowledge as petrolheads do.

Then there are those who love the classic and old. Whether that's a vintage car or a classic car that's not in production anymore but still outperforms most modern cars, petroheads do seem to love them.

I seem to love every car.

And then there's me. My knowledge about cars is very, very limited. I read articles, watch videos, and indulge myself whenever I can in learning more about cars every day. But I know very little. That's because, two years ago, I had no interest in cars whatsoever.

For me, cars were just luxurious modes of transportations used to get from point A to point B. (God forbid I wrote this! Needless to say, we didn't have a car. So it was a luxury nonetheless.)

Fast forward today, I've had a car for about a year (before it decided to break down on me too many times forcing me to put it up for sale) and I'm completely into cars. But I noticed something different about me than most -- if not all -- other petrolheads that I see on Facebook groups, YouTube, various forums and so on.

I seem to love every car.

Perhaps, that makes me less of a petrolhead and more of a drivehead?

Of course, not all cars are great. Not all of everything is great. But I'm found myself in this weird position where I love cars whenever I see one. I can't watch movies without getting carried away thinking of myself driving the car -- even when that's just a Toyota sedan or some truck that nobody bats an eye about.

I can't go out without mentally positioning myself into the driver's seat of every other car that I see on the road. I'm literally obsessed with driving cars, and the lack of driving opportunities is driving me crazy. (No pun intended)

Earlier, I posted on my blog about How I got into cars and that generated some views. Having read that post, a colleague of mine offered to let me drive his Range Rover when I was in Canada for a week back in September.

I drove his Range Rover (a post about that is in the works). And that didn't help my obsession with cars. Added with the fact that the traffic is better almost everywhere in the world compared to here in Dhaka almost made me cry that I couldn't live in an area where I had roads as empty as in Whistler.

A honda Civic that costs about $25,000 in the US costs equivalent of $50,000 in Bangladesh.


So, after that little bit of driving in Canada. I'm not more into cars than ever. I want to drive every single car that I see. Not just supercars, not just fast cars, not just cars that have a classic or vintage value, I'm into regular cars that most petrolheads couldn't care less about.

An old Honda Civic? A Toyota Corolla? A VW Polo? A Honda City? A Suzuki Swift? I would be thrilled to be able to drive them all!

I don't assume other people will line up letting me drive their "average/regular cars" (even though I'd love it if they do!). So my next plan to fulfill my powerful will of driving regular cars is to actually travel abroad and rent cars. Car rental companies mostly have regular cars, so I don't suppose I'll have any trouble finding a regular car there.

I'm also a fan of road trips (you already know why), so I hope I can rent cars, take road trips, and enjoy the best of both worlds! (Road trip suggestions welcome!)

It will be costly, no doubt about that. But it will feed my irresistible desire to drive cars.

To summarize, I think I'm different from most petrolheads because of my desire to drive and love towards even the most average/basic car out there.

Perhaps, that makes me less of a petrolhead and more of a drivehead?

Having read all that, do you think I'm different? Or is the urge of driving any car, every car is something that's shared by all petrolheads? Let me know in the comments!

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  • There are many aspects of motorsport that can lead to fanaticism . So I'd say not everybody's a driver but it doesn't mean their niche isn't just as extreme. That's what we all share here at drivetribe are those sometimes extreme passions. As for us, we are drivers too!

      3 years ago
    • True! It's just that in my local FB groups where car guys hang out, I've noticed they routinely roast the most common cars like Toyota Corolla, Premio, Allion, Axio because they are boring and whatnot. I get that they are right, but at the same...

      Read more
        3 years ago