My Mk2 escort rally car

- My mighty 1979 mk2 Ford Escort RS2000 sitting in a neat circle (possibly drawn by aliens - it was there when I arrived) in the middle of the Bill Gwynne Rally School.
- You'll note the number plate. I would like to state for the record that it has so far been remarkably reliable and it has finished 100% of the rallies that I've entered in it (one - the Woodpecker).
- I acquired the light blue minilites from Compomotive because I think they look great on Escorts. I subsequently received an email from a previous owner with a photo of it in some identical wheels (albeit works mag items) in period.
- My middle name is Felix, so the cartoon character has been a part of my life from an early age. The first time I saw this particular image was on a Ferrari 512 at Goodwood.
- The yellow band on top of the steering wheel is surprisingly useful. Having it in your peripheral vision when you're transitioning between different amounts of oversteer is very helpful.
- I added the Cobra seats and new harnesses as the previous ones were out of date for competition. The Suzuka Pro was designed with the help of Colin McRae and is wonderfully deep and supportive.
- To be honest the pedals could do with some adjustment in terms of positioning.
- Plumbed-in fire extinguisher on the left, electrical cut out on the right. The extinguisher is a Lifeline Zero 2000 4-litre mechanical system. Rally Prep did a grand job tidying all this up.
- Original RS2000 spoiler - they weigh a surprising amount.
- Shaped fuel tank hiding behind spare wheels and tyres.
- Two fuel pumps are de-rigeur.
- English axle. It might get upgraded to a baby Atlas in the future if power increases, but for now this is fine. It could do with a new LSD though.
- The mighty 2-litre Pinto. It is actually a proper Escort Pinto rather than the 205 version found in a Transit (important if I ever want to go down the full historic route). It could do with a hotter cam.
- Twin Dellorto carbs. The engine probably produces about 150bhp.
- Adjustable brake bias. I've owned the car for five years, but life has slightly got in the way of using it a great deal. A travesty. Hopefully it will see the light of day a little more this year.
- It pleases me that the red and green are correctly positioned left and right (port and starboard). Sad, I know.
- Kumho R700 gravel tyres around the 13-inch wheels
- This was on the key when I bought it, so it seems a shame to take it off even though it's the wrong Escort. At least it's not a mk3...
- Yes... about that. This was something else the previous owner did. I need to find a nice set of dials to go back in here.
- I never used to like driving with gloves, even in competition. These are very comfy though and it was a cold day.
- Not a bad two car garage. Shame that VW won't be in the WRC next year.
- Artfully applied mud. Artist: my right foot. I like having a Richard Burns Foundation sticker on the car. A very good charity.
- The car was plain white when I bought it, but I wanted a simple '70s-style livery. My friend had a company with a suitably coloured logo (it's not more official than that!) and Creative FX did the deed.
- Hopefully you'll soon see a video of me looking out of the side windows a lot. Thank you to David at ACH Special Vehicles (you can see the logo in front of the rear wheel arch) for transporting it to Bill Gwynne's for me (it's SORN at the moment...).

An introduction to a car that I have driven far too infrequently in the last five years...

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Comments (26)

  • my son races one I just have to put this on my own tribe 'GLUE FLASHER'

      4 years ago
  • - I like the fire suppression system you plumbed. It's probably more period for this car, but you might consider the BlazeCut automatic fire suppression for some of your potentially more volatile cars, like old VW's, Porsche, FIAT, etc. My brother is a Porsche/Mercedes-Benz Technician and installs these on many of his customer's older classic vehicles. Thus far, one customer's Porsche 914-6 has already been saved from disaster. Pretty cool stuff and pretty cheap to boot.

      4 years ago
  • the livery reminds me of a harrier

      4 years ago
  • lovely motor need to get myself a project

      4 years ago
  • why is it nos a cosseh?

      4 years ago