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My name is Huayra Roadster BC rather than BC Roadster

Huayra Roadster BC or Huayra BC Roadster ? What's the difference?

First glimpse

Back to 31st May 2018, It is the day that we could have a preemptive appreciate to meet Horacio's another masterpiece thanks to effspot. We will talk about BC roadster and it will be considered as the advanced version to the Huayra BC naturally when we have this camouflage image.

We could see what Horacio was driving Credit effspot

We could see what Horacio was driving Credit effspot


We couldn't know the name until released the official image for Roadster BC. We could tell the BC Roadster is based on the Roadster, not for the Huayra BC following though the name. However, let's have a ponder which means we could know Horacio treat BC as a series rather than an enhanced version.

However, we can clearly see that Benny Caiola's position in Horacio is not enough to express respect and nostalgia for one car, but to commemorate this old friend as a series, but this delicate mind of the Horacio is easily overlooked.

As a bystander, we cannot fully understand that kind of meaning for the old friend to the Horacio. What we can do is to understand his thoughts and behaviors of Horacio as much as possible.What can be shown is how valued the remembrance of Benny Caiola to Horacio Pagani. so I am shocked and impressed by this deep friendship.Single small name could be significant.

He is always be like this——attention to detial


According to the design philosophy of Huayra, it is a car that can highlight the characteristics of women. The Huayra Coupé's mirror is inspired by the eyes of the beauty and the round and soft body to show the unique temperament of mature elegant woman. The Huayra Roadster presented in 2017 adds a special design element——the taillight's eyebrow, which is also a very elegant interpretation of the beauty of women so this car absorbed some woman fanatic. The Roadster BC is also using the iconic eyebrow design of Roadster, so that we could appreciate her beauty even after passing.




he Roadster BC was born under the sign of unprecedented scientific research. The first, crucial result of all of this is its beating heart: the new Pagani V12. This jewel boasts more than 800 hp and a torque of 1,050 NM already at 2,000 rpm, with one of the best weight-power ratios in the category and engineering expertise encapsulated in just 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs)The Roadster BC was designed to generate an aerodynamic load with a downforce target of 500 kg at 280 km/h (1,102 lbs at 174 kph).Only 40 unit will be made.

Pagani official

Pagani official

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