M​y new competition series!

A​nd it is all on configurations

39w ago

H​ello ladies and folks, Sheilas and blokes of Drivetribe, it is I, Tom H, and I am here to announce my new competition series, which is on configuration!

S​oooooooo... what is it all about?

Recently, I have been noticing that more and more car manufacturers have set up configurator tools. These tools basically let you customise whatever car you want. Some of the options manufacturers give you are the colour (of the car), the style of the wheels, and interior styling. Anyway, each week, I will launch a new competition. It will be in the form of an article, and I will post it in 'The Fun Tribe'. In the article, I will also include a link to a configurator tool. All you have to do is configure the car, screenshot it (or get it into picture format), then post it in the comments.


1. O​K, first off: for each competition, I will choose a specific manufacturer, and sometimes, a specific model from that manufacturer (just to spice some things up, people ; D). If you decide to do a different model/manufacturer, your entry will not be counted.

2​. As I previously said, I will include a link to the manufacturer's configurator tool. This is only advisory, so feel free to use a different tool, as long as it is the right car.

3​. You must provide pictures of all the aspects of the car that you have customised, but they do not have to be in separate pictures. For example, if you customise the colour of the car and the wheels and submit a picture of the whole side view, it will count. But if you do not include photos of the wheels, it will not count (just to add to the spice ; D).

4​. There is no limit to the amount of configurations you submit, as long as they are different.


O​K, there are no prizes, this is for fun only, but if you win, I will write a post in the 'Today's Top News' tribe telling everyone about how great you are. I will also follow you!

I​ will post the first competition soon, and you have until next Saturday to post your configuration. The same will go for each competition.

G​ood luck!

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Comments (3)

  • Awsome idea! I really like the thing with specific models

      8 months ago
  • First competition will be sometime tomorrow morning (British time)

      8 months ago