- Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI GHIA X 2007

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Why did I get a daily driver?

Recently I got made redundant from my employment of work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As I think many people in the world are currently facing. This meant my Puma with it's 1.7 Litre petrol engine was costing me too much to run, This sadly meant it had to go and this was its replacement.

Yes it sounds stupid that a 2.0 Litre old Diesel car could possibly be cheaper to run however - The Puma got at most 230miles to a tank of fuel (£50) and cost £23.50 per month to tax plus it was a 2001 car with over 100000 miles, so cost a great deal to keep running too. The Mondeo on BP ultimate fuel costs £65-70 to fill with fuel however drives for between 450-500 Miles plus is only £16 per month to tax

T​he car also comes with a 6CD Sony changer, Heated and cooled electric leather seats, Auto wipers, Auto lights and cruise control. It still handles as well as the Puma maybe not as exciting but still fun. Its also a handsome devil by far the best made and best looking Mondeo they made.

e​ngine light on due to EGR valve

e​ngine light on due to EGR valve

I​ bought the car on 85800 Miles for £1000 with MOT until June 2021. I am now on 88800 miles ask 3000 miles later what are my thoughts on this car. Well I still love it but its also made me appreciate the issues and technicalities you can have with a more modern car. First thing I did with a cost of £140 was get a service as it only had service history up till 55000 miles ( all Ford dealers )

B​ut then came the bigger issues.... First been the car bogging down in first gear and a load of black smoke from the exhaust pipe. At first we thought this was the EGR valve ( Exhaust gas recirculation ) £120 from Euro car parts but no such luck. Weridly however when we unplugged the valve the engine would work perfectly. In the end we found out that it was the Catalytic Converter. So I decided to buy a de cat pipe and a EGR Delete kit at the cost of £70.

S​T interior instead of horrid wooden plastic

S​T interior instead of horrid wooden plastic

T​his worked however the car now needs to be Remapped to tell the ECU that there is no value, as at the moment the car get confused and cuts out. Apart from that I've updated the wooden dash by fitting the ST models panels and steering wheel, new Brembo disc's and pad's on the front and its been great

I​ am seriously considering keeping the car as a run around until it dies. In the meantime I do need another project car now things are dying down in the world I am open to suggestions I am thinking an old BMW or Jag.

I​ will keep everyone updated on the journeys I take throughout owning this little gem.

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