my new shelby gt

dreams do come true.

4y ago

I have always dreamed of buying a Mustang that had Carroll Shelby’s name on it. Ever since I was a kid. To me, it was one of the most amazing things to have a car that had been modified by Carroll Shelby and his team. The day I stepped foot in the Shelby American building, I said to myself “I will own one. Someday, somehow.”
I have been blessed to have a head turning car already. My daily driver since I was sixteen was a 1968 Mercury Cougar that I put my heart and soul into, just to get that car running. I have put more time, tears, and love into that car than anyone would believe. When I bought it, it didn’t run. It needed way too much work, way more than I ever thought. I put my heart and soul into that car, and built it just enough to become a daily driver that lasted me much longer than it should have. However, a car with no air conditioning, no power steering, rusted out exhaust, bad wiring, and many other issues isn’t the best car to be relying on.
I started looking for a car a few months ago - not in any rush. I was originally looking for a truck. Living in a snowy climate, driving a classic muscle car isn’t easy. It can be done, but it’s not easy. I was looking at trucks for months. Until just last month, when my fiance gave me the approval to get another muscle car.

I always looked at muscle cars, even before she gave me the go ahead to get one. I looked because that’s what my heart wanted. During my midnight classifieds crusade, I stumbled across a 2007 Shelby GT. It was in pristine condition, and was listed at a ridiculously low price. I added it to my favorites and moved on.
Months later, when I got the approval for a muscle car, I called the number listed in the add, and went to see the car.
It was beautiful. It was clean. I had been shocked that it was so well taken care of. My fiance loved it almost as much as I did, so we had to get it. After a ridiculously long process with the bank, and waiting way too long, it was mine the very next day.

I started it up in the parking lot of the bank and when I did, I sat for just a few minutes. I had to take it all in. I had just accomplished one of my lifes goals. It was hard to believe. It still is. Looking at the shelby plaque on the dash is like looking at a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Something you’ve always dreamed of, but didn’t think would happen.
I put a few hundred miles on it in the first weekend. I couldn’t stop driving it. It felt too good. The Hurst short throw shifter takes some muscle to throw it in gear, and after you put it in gear you are rewarded with a nice ‘clunk’. The clutch is heavy and takes concentration. The power is incredible. Even in idle, you can feel the power deep inside the beast. It feels like a true muscle car, just peppered with modern touches.

Driving around in a white Shelby with racing stripes has been something I have dreamt about ever since I was little. Plus, I can have 'go faster stripes' and not look like a complete idiot. It's acceptable with that car, because it's a Shelby. Im also allowed to have an exhaust so loud that it shakes houses, because its a Shelby. There are may things that come with owning a Shelby. But the best thing about owning a Shelby, without a doubt, is knowing that my dream came true.

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