- A Big Electro Cardio Who Schnoox - Now let's add an engine! (1)

      My Next New Tribe Will Be – “A Great Big Electro Who Cardio Shnoox!” (1)

      The holidays are coming and we must must stop them!

      2y ago


      As we near the holiday season many of us have become very busy spinning our “trum-toopers” and beating our “blum-bloopers,” but we are not the only ones. Drivetribe is slamming their “slew-slunkers” and blowing their “floo-floovers.” (2)

      For the rest of you that have no idea what I am rambling on about go read or watch, “The Grinch That Stole Christmas,” sometime. For our family it is a yearly tradition and that is all I will say about that - almost. All right, Stephen what are you on about? Yes, I have a habit of talking to myself so please stop interrupting me! Darn it sidetracked again …

      As some of you may know Drivetribe is changing (yes, yes now I am repeating myself) and with that change I have gone rather silent in the past weeks. Small Tribes Rules purpose has become ineffective in its current state. What does this mean for you? Well, you are all completely screwed so give me all your money! (Did I say that out loud?! – crap got sidetracked again!)

      If you have been a member or participated in STR, I first wish to thank you all very much. This has been a great experience and a wonderful journey. Well, most of the time. There have been some rough spots – no doubt. The rides have had many highs and lows and we have continued forward.

      The coming changes are great for the long term of Drivetribe in my opinion, however they force some serious changes to my methods. I can either go down the mountain on the path, create my own again or just jump. I am waiting for the path to reveal itself to me. I know what side of the mountain this path is on at least and I am heading that way now. I am asking you to follow me. I have “a wonderful, awful idea!” Queue the music … “you’re a mean one …” (1)

      The biggest change coming is the chats being located into the tribes. This and the promotion of posts by Ambassadors make the whole reposting to Small Tribes Rule tribe rather moot. My current solution for this is to post your links into the chat. Please don’t spam more than one of your own posts a day. If you find others to post, please only do one post from them a day. Reposting is fine but if your tribe consists of nothing but reposts, you may want to start rethinking that strategy. Your tribe may never get any exposure that way. I will do more on this later. But for now … I will not re-post or spam! “Would you like them here or there?” (3) Oh wait, that is a whole other book entirely – oh my.

      “Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here! ‘Then I Growled…’ I must find some way to keep Christmas from coming!” (1)


      My evil plan to take over the world will become apparent later, but for now let us just try one step at a time. I will update you regarding STR when I know where the path is. I don’t want to anticipate changes then have to recreate things, making it more confusing for everyone. So go on and prepare your roast beast!

      So I could have just said this in one or two sentences, but I always take the long road as it is more scenic.

      Summary: Instead of reposting to STR, please place posts to STR chat without spamming (one a day per tribe or person). You may also post from someone else’s tribe with no repeats per day. If in doubt, ask. Please keep it PGish. “One Post, Two Post, Red Post, Blue Post.” (4)

      Remember what happened to the Grinch at the end!

      Thank you Dr. Seuss for bringing my imagination alive as a child.

      (1) The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Direct quotes or revisions to it from the animation. Spelling was optional.

      (2) The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Reference to.

      (3) Green Eggs and Ham. Direct quote and reference

      (4) One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. Revision of Title

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      • Not sure that I understood a word of that ? Entertaining as it was. I like Dr Seuss also :) Perhaps you could summarise in one or two sentences?

          2 years ago
        • The gist is the older system is out and a new one is coming. Many people resist change so I took use of the Grinch for "our struggle" but in the end, the Grinch finally "conforms" and is happier for it. We used reposting and bumping a lot to help...

          Read more
            2 years ago
        • Aahh, OK - That's clearer. Thanks :)

            2 years ago


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