My night in osaka

Underground street racing was my reality. and it was terrifying.

4y ago

I really didn't know what to expect, I spent the day checking out J's Racing and heading back to Kazu's shop to get some photos from the car park at his shop. I had a great day and I didn't realise how much better my night was going to get. I met up with Kazu at his shop with a few of the others & also met with JC from work wheels who had kindly been my translator for a couple of days in Osaka, we sat down and ate some Sushi, it was delicious! I was getting a bit nervous as I know how rare an opportunity like this would be to get photos from the Meet and of some very famous cars & feeling slightly nervous about my lack of being behind a camera recently... Status Racing We headed to the meeting point, I was excited & nervous, I felt like a small fish in a very big pond. This is their tradition, this isn't just a group of kids meeting up, this is a Illegal street racing network, built on respect, tradition & Honour.

I was about to get a real life glimpse in to this world & I couldn't believe it... The following pictures are all from the meet, they are exactly as it was, no staging for photos or anything, just as I walked around as I wanted you to experience what I did that evening. I should point out, not all car's featured are Kanjozoku cars.

The night started at a meeting spot, cars from the stanced to the battered street racing cars came along for the little meet up....

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You dont ask to meet the Kanjo racers....


I have more footage but I'm writing this from the 6two1 store, so I dont have access to my laptop right now.. I hope you like the little insight.. Can find more on my YT Channel

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