- The fact we are told it's OK to ask questions doesn't make it a simple process. We aren't taught how to ask or how to recieve questions and we certainly are not taught how to respond to questions and children ask the most precious questions.
- When I say the word children, I don't mean by just youth. I mean in experience and knowledge. Through my life I have begun as a child and the subsequent experiences have carried me through to maturity and knowledge.
- To me, an average answer informs and educates. An amazing answer creates intrigue, inspiration and can change the present and the future. It's so very easy to respond with literal here and now information with no real longterm game.
- To play the piano, there are so many variables to be considered. The teacher, the pupil, the social, emotional and physical aspects of life, dedication, finances... the list is endless. But...it all hinges on one thing. A question then an answer.
- An invitation is the question but it is not always needed. I waited 25+ years to be included, involved, invited in a world my father nor I knew nothing about. It never came. Obviously. Not so obvious at the time. And the question I asked my father?
- "Dad, where is Knockhill?" (Scotlands racing circuit) Then came his response as we were a couple miles from Stirling. Gestures towards the Ochil hills, a couple miles over there. It was nowhere near there. He had no interest or expereince with it.
- Now a question I get asked by my son and by dozens of people on a weekly basis and I have been sadly giving fob off answers to in the fear of putting my neck out. "Dad, what do you do?" For 15 years, my answer has been "mechanic" to anyone asking
- The true answer I grab onto various elements to create opportunities and situations for people to flourish. Minimising negative impact and aggressively seeking positive outcomes. My father's answer lit something then, that seems very hard to hide now.

My oldest motorsport memory is of sitting next to my father in his beat up Landrover Defender, travelling along the M90 to the cattle market.

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