M​y opinion on BEVs explained

I​ mean the title is kinda self explanatory isn't it?

5w ago

I​ don't like BEVs. It's not a secret. So as everyone else seems to be explaining their opinion on the topic and getting clout why shouldn't I jump in on the action being the avaricuous human being that I am.

I don't like BEVs for a few predominant reasons:

The first of those "predominant reasons" (saying that back that phrase really kinda sucks but I'm gonna keep it in there so I can make this poorly thought out joke) is that they are boring and one-dimensional. They have as much soul as a chair. And even then a handmade chair has been crafted with soul. You can't handcraft a BEV battery as you would explode. And that is one of the issues. A certain Morgan for example could drive horribly, be slow and impractical but it would have a humane element. That gives it character. The noise of an ICE car may be "pollution" (not in an emissions way, noise pollution is actually a thing, I googled it) to some 60 year old divorcee environmentalist but honestly I'm sure that the animals like the sound of a Bizzarini V12. It gives the car it's character. The irritating whirring of an electric motor is the stuff that if you listened long enough to could be used in a torture cell. It lacks any character, it's just annoying. And it's not only the noise that I like when it comes to an ICE car. It just feels better to drive overall. For example, whilst a Porsche Taycan is an amazing car, it does feel almost too easy to drive. It's too much like one of those very well trained poodles in cartoon dog competitions. It's so easy to control that you get no reward from playing with it. In comparison, a Mercedes AMG GT63S will encourage you to wrestle with it. You will have fun and also feel like you've achieved something whilst driving it. So one of the BEVs' biggest highlights can become one of it's biggest drawbacks to a certain market. By embracing BEVs fully we would turn the car into a kitchen utensil.

The next thing about BEVs is that they go fery fast. Now as I am a verified psychopath this may seem like a hypocritical statement. However, the BEV is very easy to make go fast. As a result an idiotic billionaire meme lord can make his family saloon that is prone to blowing up accelerate faster than a certain French / German hypercar built by very clever Germans in suits named Jurgen. This presents a bit of an issue. It means that you could spend a eleventy billion pounds on that Pininfarina Bat thingy and go no faster than what is in essence a family saloon. The car industry has basically just lost the validity of its most interesting sector. Meaning that the car industry now has nothing to inspire younger generations with. Most people work in the car industry because as a kid they wanted to design something that broke speed records, something that was super luxurious. If you want to do that now you may as well have a Hyundai i10 on your bedroom wall.

A​nother bugbear I have with Mr Battery Electric Vehicle is his false emissions claims. I know I've gone on about this for ages now, but even if this isn't the manufactuers fault you could at least not call your car carbon neutral. I mean if you are producing 30 tonnes of CO2 you are not going to be freaking carbon neutral because you drive 3,000 miles a year. I mean that is literally the most untruthful thing you can say. Honestly, if we can't measure BEV emissions properly because that is impossible for some reason of governments wanting to waste tax payers' money on airpods with their names engraved on them (just saying) instead of trying to stop global warming with it then I'd rather have no emissions testing at all.

N​ow BEVs aren't all bad. I would never view them as the future of cars, nor would I ever buy a BEV for the sake of driving, but in certain areas like travelling in perfect silence in an Rolls Royce or nipping around the city they come into their own. As a daily motorway cruiser to get to work they would be perfect. I would like synthetics to become more commonplace so the Fiesta STs of the world all the way up to the Lamborghini Aventadors can still be produced in the future as ICE cars but for a boring, everyday car a BEV fits the bill perfectly.

I​ could (and would) go on for another 16 years if I didn't have a history assignment I am supposed to be doing right now but that's my basically my opinion summed up. Cya

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  • I can see your points, however this is about to be controversial. In the Mass market, people aren't bothered about soul or a brilliant drivers experience, they just want to go from A-b. That's A fact. Its why when you walk into a dealership the showroom is full of base spec Hyundai I10s, they sell in bulk like cheap cans of coke. Costing less money to produce and less effort to sell. Electric cars are going to be a large part of our future, whether we like it or not so people are going to buy them. It doesn't mean there wont be other alternatives, it will just take time for them to develop into the mass market. Sure, Porsche are working on synthetic fuels. But its PORSCHE for crying out loud. They aren't mainstream, they are in a very specific market where ICE's are loved and people cant see them going. Even they are making EV's now. Unfortunately for petrolheads, we are going to have to learn to love these cars even though we hate them at the minute. Just think what people thought when we ditched steam power for the ICE, did they want it gone, probably not. Ill leave you with that thought.

      1 month ago
    • I get where your coming from and even said that the standard cars would work as BEVs perfectly. But there is an enthusiast market and it is significant. If the world goes electric that is gone. Trust me. As an enthusiast I won't ever love the BEV...

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        1 month ago
    • Dont get me wrong, I hate them.

        1 month ago
  • You are exactly right. The driving experience of BEVs is one dimensional compared to the wonderfully multi-faceted experience of an ICE vehicle. I'm worried that the only thing they could do for car enthusiasts is an acceleration arms race which will eventually end up in a car that accelerates hard enough to injure or kill the driver and occupants, putting an end to that. Also, the emissions from the production of BEVs are frequently and very easily swept under the rug. If it were up to me, the future would have most of the regular vehicles being FCEVs (hydrogen) while the enthusiast cars and other vehicles that require it would run on synthetic fuels.

      1 month ago
    • FCEVs aren't 100% clean but they are a far better alternative to BEVs. We need people to look at solutions that will have the mist environmental impact like FCEVs instead of the cheapest option (BEVs).

        1 month ago
  • I’ve recently purchased a BMW i3, yes I know it’s horrendous, but it’s fine for going to the shops, yet when I go anywhere further afield, I find myself always using the gas guzzling saloon/wagon. I mean the I3 is a good car, but we really don’t have the infrastructure!

      1 month ago
    • Yeah an EV for nipping around town is one of the reasons I'd buy one. Everyone talks about "home charging" or lampost charging etc being more convenient. Is that really commonplace now or viable for the future?

        1 month ago
    • I mean. It works, but I don’t wanna have to say it, but the Tesla Supercharging network is the only system that really works. In my opinion 👍

        1 month ago
  • First thing I will say to a car dealer in the future when I am forced to buy one is I have come to buy a Indesit or Hoover. That will confuse them.

      1 month ago
  • I started a trend😁

      1 month ago