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My opinion on Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 by a Gen Z who just finished

Very short, but I said what I have to say. I'm back!

8w ago

Ever since I delved deeper into the NFS community I've been hearing about this game and how it was a legend, unbeatable, the jewel of the NFS series. And I figured if so many people are saying it,how can they be wrong?


It's by no means a perfect game. You get many reviewers complaining about the emptiness of maps and how it feels like there's not much going on. NFS MW has a pretty lifeless-feeling city according to me. It feels like apart from whatever I'm doing there's nothing else going on in the game.

That's not all. The handling when you lose grip reminds me a tiny bit of GTA handling. Not in a good way. It resulted in me getting busted many frustrating times when taking on blacklist 4-1. However, not having played many games of that era I don't know how great oversteer handling was so I give it a pass.

The navigation system is really annoying and irritating with that goddamn pulsating arrow is really irritating.

I found the introductory cutscenes for every blacklist member a bit pointless and mostly skipped hem but maybe that's just me

As you can see I'm nitpicking. Because I enjoyed this game

The pursuit system was undoubtedly my favourite characteristic of the game. It was masterful, simply brilliant! The bounty, cost to state, all were brilliant ideas,and they worked really well! The pursuit breakers were a very interesting idea and they were immensely satisfying to use (especially the gas stations!). Sure there was frustration whenever I got busted (which happened A LOT after reaching heat level 4-5). But it was my lack of skill that did that, and as all us gamers know we often look back on frustration in such situations with fondness.

The story

The actual cutscenes were really well-done, although I'd like more of them. The acting was brilliant and I enjoyed it, but I probably would have appreciated a few more of them. The dialogue was fantastic though.

'Bolt on or not, that ride is hot!'

'I want every single unit after that guy. (everyone?) EVERYONE!

'It ain't over till I say it's over'

It's hard hitting and punchy, if a bit cheesy, but I really enjoyed it.

The AI

Not great.Insanely rubber-banded. Too easy.

The races

Tracks were brilliant, as were the formats. The standard circuit and sprints were there, but then you have lap knockout, which was decent, Tollbooths, which I really enjoyed, Speedtrap races, which were decent and Drag races, which was brilliant in concept and fun but also mildly infuriating when your car took ages to switch lanes.

The setting

Although empty, Rockport was a very good setting with an industrial, gritty feel, which fit in with the story and the metal soundtrack (WHICH I LOVED).


It is a brilliant game, but not 100% perfect in every way. Its glory has been exaggerated, but believe me it's probably 80-85% as good as the hype suggests.

Oh, and the final chase is the single most intense thing I've ever done.

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  • I agree. Carbon improved on a lot of these things you should try it out if you haven’t already

      1 month ago
    • I do want to play Carbon.

        1 month ago
    • The physics are still pretty bad, but there are more modern cars and I find the city to be much nicer.

        1 month ago