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2y ago


Hello MK lovers, I'd like to kick off this tribe by introducing my Patriot to you. I have a 2008 Patriot Limited FDI, in beautiful Jeep Green Metallic. I've been driving it since 2014, and have spend countless hours working on it and dropped considerable amout of $$$ into it...

It's come quite a long way over the past few years...

My mods to date are a 2-inch coil suspension lift from Murchison Products in Australia, front tow hooks and led pod mounts with off roading LED spotlights from McLeod Fabrication, larger 235/65/17 Yokahama Geolander AT G015 tires, plasti-dipped black badges and trim, plasti-dipped grey metallic bumper faces and wheels, Sport SE style hood decal, all LED interior and exterior lights, and a Curt roof basket, along with many other minor additions.

Shoutout to David Mcleod of Mcleod Fabrication for those beautiful tow hooks and led pod mounts!

My baby currently has 125,000 miles on the clock, and is running strong. It's a joy to drive it every day and feeling proud of others admiring my work. Apart from driving and modding it, I love detailing my Jeep.

Post detailing, prepared for winter. Shoutout to Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC, makes arguably the best detailing products out there!

Hope everyone enjoys this article, and you're all encouraged to post your Jeeps and tell us about them in this tribe, and get ourselves recognition among the car enthusiast community!

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  • Very nice Patriot! They look great when they're lifted! I was considering a 2016/2017. Any regrets on the lift kit? I was thinking of the Rocky-Road kit, as well. Any added wear and tear to the suspension components, or shortened life? (tie rod ends, control arm bushings and etc.)

    1 year ago


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