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Two of which have over 4 million subscribers between them and one with "only" 200k..

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So I, as I'm sure many others, have always had a deep affinity for modified cars and the limits they can reach in the right hands. From the Initial D craze in the early '90s to the Fast and Furious series (well, most of it), I'm drawn to the older Japanese cars. It's hard to deny the allure of a high horsepower 2jz screaming down the highway, blowing the doors off unsuspecting exotics. Or the delicate ballet of a twenty-plus-year-old Nissan dancing on the edge of careening off the track and proximity to the car it's following. For me, satisfying that itch for JDM dream cars is needed as frequently as possible. Thanks to the internet's glorious invention in general and YouTube specifically, the days of reading Import Tuner magazines while my mom navigated the grocery store are a thing of the past.

TJ Hunt's Toyota Supra next to his BMW Supra

TJ Hunt's Toyota Supra next to his BMW Supra

In no way am I saying that these people mentioned in this article are in any particular order of most to least favorite. With that said, I'd like to start with TJ Hunt. I've followed this channel for quite some time now, about four or five years if I had to guess. In that time, TJ has grown exponentially as an entrepreneur and a content creator. For me, it all started in a small residential garage with his Subaru BRZ named "Miley." He has since collected an array of exceptional vehicles including, but not limited to, a Lamborghini Aventador, the two Supras above, a Mazda RX7, and a 2jz swapped 350z, to name a few. He houses all these beautiful examples of automotive achievements in his warehouse aptly named the "Hunt Quarters," quite the upgrade from Calvin's (his co-host) parents California garage. With no signs of slowing his progression, he recently acquired a once wrecked Audi R8 with some front end damage, which he's taking on with Calvin by his side. I do believe he's hinted at a possible twin-turbo kit for the R8 as well; I can't wait to see what he ends up doing with it. TJ has my full attention when it comes to his uploads; I don't foresee leaving the channel anytime soon.

This next creator is by far the most dedicated (in my opinion) to furthering himself in the YouTube industry as well as pushing himself as hard as possible in multiple areas of motorsport. Adam LZ (hero picture above) has the most eclectic car collection that I've had the pleasure to watch grow and transform. Much like TJ Hunt, the amount of time I've been following along with this channel is about four to five years. Adam is unique in this list due to his involvement in the pro-drifting circuit: Formula D. This year, he announced he'll be stepping up to the "big boy" class as a pro one driver. It's been an exciting road watching him progress from doing some sketchy donuts in the South of the Border parking lot to now competing in on a professional level. Aside from his incredible journey as a driver, the reason he's made it to this list is because of his passion for extremely dialed in 90s JDM legends. The only JDM giant missing from his collection is the MKIV Supra, which I'm sure will be coming to the channel sooner than later.

The underdog with the most bite

The underdog with the most bite

I mentioned a YouTuber with a fraction of the subscribers as TJ Hunt and Adam LZ, and that would be TommyFyeah. Tommy has amassed a fantastic collection of Japanese hero cars that have captured my attention. Pictured above, you can see his white V-spec II Skyline GT-R, which is going through an extreme makeover as does every other car in his fleet, which has coined the term "Fyeah spec." If you're like me and have an affinity for almost overbuilt 90s dream cars, this is your guy right here. I have learned how these cars' rarity breaks down into categories, as in, this year, a car with this paint color mated to this transmission was only released for this long during production. While that might seem like pretty standard thinking for a car guy/girl, it remains interesting to hear about the market on cars that I would love to own one day. Tommy is the brashest of the three mentioned creators, which might make him a little less desirable. For my taste, it gives him a sort of "real" factor that I think people in the influencer game lose sight of.

What I find most exciting about the three mentioned YouTubers is that they don't shy away from letting us in on their daily lives. For instance, Tommy Fyeah's wife Anna (pictured with the HKS suit) was featured on the channel a few times. When the above picture was taken, she was brought to the shop to get a rundown about the worth of some of his JDM goodies. To my surprise, she took the news in stride. I couldn't say the same would happen in my house. When it comes to TJ's picture with his arm around his girlfriend, Sabrina, they recently told us that she is battling a brain tumor. It takes a strong couple to go in front of literally millions of people and drop that kind of proverbial bomb on the masses. One of the biggest shocks to the viewers was the divorce of Adam LZ and his now ex-wife Nicole. We had a front-row seat to their marriage and the following adventures, from the wedding to Adam building and teaching her to drift her car.

If you have any YouTubers that you regularly watch, please drop them in the comments below.

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