- I am Fashion to the Grand Tour

My photo in DriveTribe cap!

It is me! Photo to the best site DriveTribe! DriveTribe shop do the world much beautiful and happier

The most important thing everyone has to do on a DriveTribe is to buy everything they can in a DriveTribe shop and get autographs from their favorite presenters Jeremy, James and Richard, the best hosts of the Grand Tour shows and other best shows in the world. And then happiness, good luck and good mood will be with you all your life! The most important thing at the time of receiving an autograph is to make this wish and also to wish many, many best of luck and happiness to Richard, Jeremy and James, so that everything always goes right (the best) for them!

I love DriveTribe! It is me, my cap, and Richard Hammond autograph from Warsaw Motor Show 2018. Now I am the happiest person ever in the world!

It is eternal Fashion thing! The cap with Richard Hammond autograph.

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  • This is so wonderful,Svetlana!,as Lou Lou said,the hat looks so good on you,plus you look absolutely gorgeous.What a special moment and what a wonderful memory,one I imagine,that you will cherish life-long.Well done,on getting to meet Mr.H and getting his signature too.i am so thrilled for you....Wonderful!!!💖😊XX

    1 day ago
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    • Your comment is written as an interesting adventure book! Thank you very much. I'm so glad you like it! Of course, I will take great care and keep these most precious things. This is...

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      19 hours ago
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  • The DT hat looks so good on you Svetlana! You really suit it. Having Mr H's autograph on it too adds a perfect finishing touch. So pleased you got the opportunity to meet Richard.. Fantastic!

    5 days ago
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