- Just a teaser! There are car photos!!

My photos from the 2018 GT Open season finale from Barcelona

As you can tell, I had a jam packed weekend recently with the two different events in two days. This is the second one which took place at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. It is one of the last racing events before the end of the Motorsport season happening at the track and it most certainly made me sad that I now have to wait a while for the next races I can watch in person. However, let's live in the present... Or the past. Either way, here are some of my best photos from the track.

GT3 cars look very heavy in person but it's a challenge to show that in photos.

I managed to watch both the qualifying and the race of that day for the GT Open. This is a GT3 only championship similar to the Blancpain GT Series. You way even recognise some of the cars from Blancpain such as the Rinaldi Ferrari, and a few Mercedes and Lambos. I shot the qualifying entirely from the banking on the outside of turn 1 which looks over the front straight, all the way to about half way around the long turn 3. However, for the race, I started watching it on the outside of turn 4 and started walking towards the inside of the track passing a few corners to finish taking pictures of turn 1 from the other side of the track.

My dream car is the classic Alpine A110. The race cars aren't bad either though.

I have less photos of these cars as I got to the track too late to catch qualifying. And unfortunately, the races are only about 30 minutes long. I was surprised when watching these cars into the big braking zone of turn 1. After watching a few races on TV, I was expecting them to seem very light and squirmy under braking. However, they all seemed very stable both under braking and turn in. Even more surprising was the oversteer a lot of the drivers were getting once they put the power down. Especially through turn 3, you could see at what point they were on full throttle as the back end would pick out a little.

I usually prefer RWD to FWD racecars, however, the TCR series gave a great race.

You may already have heard about the unveiling of the new eTCR Seat Cupra which is also included in this group of photos although it didn't race at the same time as the TCR group. As for the actual cars, the racing was amazing. The heavy braking zone after the long straight gave the drivers a good chance at a dive-bomb which is typical touring car action. Track cutting, damaged bumpers and spins. That's just the norm in touring cars!

I've always struggled watching, and photographing, open wheeled formula cars.

In fact, every time I have seen open wheeled cars race in the past, it has been on smaller track. Maybe too small even for these downforce generating lightweight monsters. The Circuit De Catalunya however, is not a small track. They host F1! The racing was good and it even inspired me to take photos of cars I thought were boring. I especially enjoyed trying to capture the F1 style liveried cars together. There were two different classes and therefore races of formula cars. The smaller, F4 looking cars are Eurocup Formula Reanult which are essentially Formula Renault 2 litre cars. The larger ones are called Euro Formula Open. They are the same cars used in the F3 championships around the world. Guess which one was louder.

Finally, here are my attempts at artsy shots.. Photographer-photography!

I don't know which I prefer out of these two pictures. The one with the blurry car has a great atmosphere, however, I like that the car is a central part of the second photo. What do you think?