- Auto Retro Barcelona 2018. A great event full of a wide variety of cars and things to do

My photos from the 2018 Internacional Auto Retro Barcelona

Auto retro is a name made internationally famous thanks to the Auto Retro in Paris thanks to its quality, and quantity of rare and expensive cars. However, there are versions that take place all over the world. The weekend of the 20-21 of October was the weekend Barcelona hosted their version. It was a an amazing day full of classic cars varying from pre-war fire engines all the way to modern classics such as the 997 Porsche GT2RS. It was organised into different halls containing clubs, a "rolling motor-show", a sales floor and a car meet area. Here are some photos I took at the show:

Even outside the expo hall, you can sense there's something cool thing going on

They seem to love their Deltas here!! I love this angle across the front wing... Especially if there's something interesting in the background. It's a great angle for phone wallpapers. If you want to use it, just DM me for the full quality version.

This photo is the same theory as the last one except the nearer car is a bit more recognisable thanks to the wider angle

Once again, a nice "over the front-side" shot. This time showing off (or trying to) the event logo

This is an old Abarth hot hatch. You can see how they've stuck to their roots with the matte black bonnet like on the new 124 Spider.

I like this shot as, although the background is busy, the car is still the main focus thanks to the people all looking at it. That's a good tip to be honest. Our eyes are always attracted to where other people look.

I just love playing with focus on different cars. I also like how the HF logo pops out. Of course, this was achieved after a bit of editing.

SLAMMED!! At first, I got worried this was an actual E36 M3. Thankfully, the owner decided to use a lesser important car.

Same style as the over the front wheel shots. However, in this one, I'm trying to show the different aero parts of this NSX-R. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've seen an original NSX-R that hasn't been turned into an R over time.

Here's the full car so you can admire the beauty of the design. Although simple, I do like shape of the first gen NSX. How do you think the new one compares to this one?

As it was raining on and off, I couldn't help but try the good old puddle reflection shot. Unfortunately, I can't move the screen on my DSLR meaning I can't see what I'm doing when this low to the ground. It turned out OK though.

Here is another Lancia rally car. I love the rally lights and racing decals. HELLA cool if you know what I mean...

Apparently, the Escort Cosworth with it's infamous whaletale rear wing is considered to be a classic car. Feel old yet?

And to finish off. Here are some mediocre photos of my dream car. The old Alpine A110 is the first car I ever thought was special. There is a whole story behind this but in short, I think it's a beautiful car and it's quite unique.

The problem in this shot is definitely the wheel angle. In fact, in automotive photography, you want the lines to be as fluid as possible. Here, the tyre pattern breaks up the line. The best fix would be to angle the rim towards the lens.

If anybody gets this far, I congratulate you. And as a reward, you can help me out. I always have problems shooting inside exposition halls as the lighting seems to be too dark for my camera. Any tips on settings or just ways to counter the problem?

I hope you enjoyed going through my photos of the show. If you did, make sure to keep track of me because as if walking around the different rooms of this event wasn't enough, I then attended the GT Open finale at the Circuit de Catalunya the very next day. Follow me to make sure you don't miss finding out how that was.

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  • Neat show, great pictures, Angus!

    1 month ago
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  • Wow! Most of these cars would be unknown to the US spectators. Thanks for sharing.

    1 month ago
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    • Seriously?! Poor americans! Classics are so much better than moderns in my opinion... You're missing out! XD

      1 month ago


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