- With my GT3 in the factory


1y ago


Meet my new Porsche 911 GT3! After keeping it a secret, we can finally see the PTS colour that I have chosen: Gelbgrün - which literally translates to "yellow green", no surprise when you see quite how bright this colour is! I have the amazing opportunity to chase my car trough the 911 assembly plant, from a bodyshell to sitting on its own wheels. The excitement is very real!

Joined by Parker from Vehicle Virgins after filming with his new car the day before (or not...), we arrived in Zuffenhausen to catch my car as the shell arrived from the bodyshop into the assembly line. From there it was a game of hunting out the different parts like the engine, gearbox, axles, bumpers and watching them all arrive and build up the car until it sits down onto its own wheels towards the end of the line.

I'm sure you'll be asking about what's next, well the car has one finishing touch that you haven't seen yet that I'll film in a further visit back to the factory. Then it will take a few days to finalise, send out to the dealership and hopefully collect around the turn of the year or in January (partly depending on my own manic travel plans).

You can also find Parker's video of the day at: youtube.com/vehiclevirgins

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Comments (3)
  • I thought only loyal Porsche customers were offered the chance to buy a GT3?

    1 year ago
  • Great car, of course. Exciting to witness your very own car being assembled. The accompanying chap with the beer can in his hand on the street in the morning of that day is a true downer.

    1 year ago


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