My predictions on the future about cars

My predictions about cars on the future that might come true or not.

17w ago

Here are some predictions about car on the future. The predictions may be great or terrible so let's go on with the good ones:

The Good Predictions

Rolls Royce will make a sports car or a supercar.

McLaren will make their own V10 car.

Lamborghini will end the Urus production but keep their V8 on their next SUV or a new sports car generation.

Dodge might bring back a Viper

The Ford Mach E will end in 2022 or 2023

In 2035, ICE cars won't be banned in EU

The Bad Predictions

Ferrari might actually go hybrid. So as Lamborghini

Audi will keep the R8 and the TT RS but as an electric cars

Chevrolet might make an electric car

In 2035, NYC might actually ban ICE cars since there is a lot of Tesla.

Mercedes might electrify the AMG GT or the new sports car

The Skyline R34 might be a gross electric crossover too

Finally, Aston Martin might turn the Vantage or the DB11 as an electric car

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Comments (7)

  • I want the Urus to die, but it won't. It'll go EV in 2027. McLaren won't go V10. The V8 is their main engine. I'm hoping for a V12 though as another hommage to the F1, in very limited numbers. Rolls might do the supercar, but it'll have an emphasis on luxury and probably be electric. The Mach E, as much as I hate the name, is a sales hit. That'll be here to stay for a while. The ICE ban I'm not sure on, but we can only hope for the best.

    Unfortunately Fezza will be quite willing to go fully EV, thanks to the tech nerd in charge of them. Lamborghini will probably go with a hybrid powertrain, but one that can be switched off so no real loss apart from weight, but Lamborghini already made heavy cars. Audi will electrify the R8 alongside the petrol one, and the petrol one will be sadly axed in 2027. The TT is going to be killed anyway, and replaced with an EV. Chevvy will make a bunch of EVs so as to not get left behind by Ford. NYC will ban ICE cars. Merc will make a separate sports car alongside the GT which will eventually be replaced by the EV. All Mercs will be EV by 2033. Nissan won't bring back the Skyline as a disgusting crossover. Aston will probably do a similar thing to Merc. I'd also say Porsche will electrify their whole lineup to save the 911.

      4 months ago
    • noooo the urus is a cool carrr

        4 months ago
    • It is stupid. It defeats the whole point of an SUV and has a target matket of Kim Kardashian.

        4 months ago
  • All seem to be scarily true

      4 months ago
  • I hope the bad stuff doesn’t happen

    And btw Chevy already made an electric car it’s the Volt

      4 months ago
    • actually the Volt is a hybrid, the Bolt is the fully electric model, I'm not sure what they were thinking with the names it's confusing

        4 months ago
    • Yeah but there was a limited run of fully electric volts and the bolt is just a bulky hatchback to me

        4 months ago