My pride and joy.

2y ago


I brought the car 5 years ago from an elderly gentleman who could no longer drive, and was unfortunately due to go into a care home. The car was absolutely immaculate throughout, with only a couple of little scabs in the usual Nova places. It was literally only used for short trips to the shop and yearly weekend breaks to Devon. It had only covered 15,700 miles from new, and the elderly gentleman was the only owner. This was a VERY rare find.

One of the pictures of the car listed on Pistonheads.

In 2012 when i passed my driving test and obtained my license, i equipped a set of coilovers and BBS RA alloys, and made the car sit a lot better than how it did standard. Looking back at it now, it still sat very high at the front!

In 2013, i lowered the front end down a little bit more and fitted a new set of shoes, a set of Slotmags (Remake of the originals by Wolfrace). I was very pleased with the fitment results, front and rear.

In 2014 i went mad. It was completely stripped down to be rebuild. i wanted to get rid of the little scabs that were originally on the car before they got worse. Paintwork and body preparation carried out by K&G Bodyshop in Cannock, UK.

Completely stripped.

Completely stripped.

Freshly painted.... now time for wheels!

I fitted a set of VW G60 Steelies that are banded to 15x7J at the front and 15x8J at the rear, and an OPEL grill.

In 2015/2016 wanted to change a few things on the car. I fitted a new set up on the suspension, so i equipped a set of KW Variant 2 coilovers. The mirrors were colour coded and the wheels were also colour coded with polished dishes. Personally, i thought this improved the look vastly!

The interior also had an overhaul. The original'ness had to remain, so i brought a set of seats from a friend, Josh Hassell, who happened to have exactly the same seats that i required available from his old Nova saloon!

In 2016, i attended one of the biggest car detailing shows in the UK, "Waxstock", where she picked up "Best finish" & "Best Classic" trophies!

This is also how the car looks currently :)

The third trophy was for the car club i was involved with, as we won best club also! :)

Detailed to the max.

Down by the lake.

3 degrees of camber on the rear to allow the 15x8J wheels to clear the arches.

Over the next year or so, a lot more work will be carried out on the car. Things are about to get serious - watch this space!