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1y ago

To be honest, I hadn't heard of the new A110 until I saw it being reviewed on The Grand Tour but as soon as I laid my eyes on it I felt an urge to go spend several hours on Youtube watching every review ever made of the A110, then go depressed for I could surly never afford such a beauty.

One day..........

One day..........

Having overcome my sadness (I watched a Top Gear best moments compilation) I started thinking: Maybe I can afford one? Nope, the bare-bones A110 still costs 62,775 USD which is far more than a broke wannabe car journalist can afford. So I started thinking if there was some other way of getting my hands the little French sports car...... And then it struck me: In the small city abou 60 miles from my house a group of 3 men successfully robbed a bank and escaped with over 100,000 USD, never to be seen again. This plan proved to be flawed though, even if I had 2 friends to help me execute the robbery, what dealership would sell you a car for over 60k after a major bank robbery? Maybe if your Mr Beast?

Never before have fallen I so hard for something.

Never before have fallen I so hard for something.

So as of the 8/1/2020 I have no way of quenching my thirst for elegant french motoring, but I shall never surrender! Or at least not until I find a new car to lust for......

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Photo credit: Alpine.

PS: if you happen to be a charitable millioner, would you mind buying me an A110 - second hand will be fine.

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