- "Realistic".....*puts Veyron as header image*

My realistic dream first cars!

Learner drivers, new drivers and dreamers, take heed of my expert opinions.

A precaution before we begin:

For anyone who actually believed that this article would contain anything even close to an "expert opinion", joke's on you. As you probably know I aggressively type unpopular opinions which at no point become valid for the title "expert". So don't tell me what I don't wanna hear people. Or it's 🕒4👈2✋🗣️.

That never gets boring to type. Credit to Throttle Girl for actually making me want to make those lmao. Despite mine being kind of........crap.

Anyway, on with my first car! And no I'm not gonna jump straight into talking about the Dacia Duster.

The Dacia Sandero!

How cool is this!?!?!?!? The old Sandero was lovely and comfortable and cheap and all the rest of it. It was just a very pleasant car. Now there's a new one, and nothing changes there. Unfortunately the general idea with the Sandero is just that it's "praising mediocrity" or whatever. And to those fighting with that idea in their minds, I have only one thing to say.

There is NOTHING mediocre about style, well-defined purpose fulfillment, and jam packed up-to-date tech being offered in a piece of engineering priced at less than £10,000. Dacia's achievement here is not average, the Sandero is not of low quality. No it's not a driver's car, but if you are starting out in the world of independence and only half a couple of shillings handy for handy transport, please don't overlook Romania's offerings to the world, because for once they have done something memorable!

Volvo S40 Or S60 if you are on the wealthier side of life.

The brilliant thing about Volvo is that they just get things right, don't they? The S40 and S60 are well respected cars here in Ireland and apparently over in the UK too. I can't speak for anyone else but I would reckon it's very much a similar story. Depending on your budget you can nab a good bargain from either of the models dating back to the 2000s decade, right from the start to the end. The gallery above shows both the 40 and 60, and offer a respectable ride to new drivers who unlike the normal crowd, don't want to buy a pikey Civic or Passat and put yellow lights all over them. Starting Volvo means not only do you have dignity, but you are in fact, civil. And it's good to be civil. Be civil, buy a Volvo.

While we are at it:

I know today Kia are good at everything, but I have to say there is no possibility from the darkest depths of hell that I would consider including Kia in this article, simply because we are mainly looking at 2000s bargains here, and anything came out of South Korea in 2005 is automatically crap. Yes, even Betsy. I love Betsy but I know you weirdos will not. So yes. I have admitted it. Let's move on.

Skoda Octavia or Superb, depending on which you prefer:

Sorry America, this one won't really be any good for you. Or maybe it will I don't know if any of these made it over there.......

So the Skoda Superb and Octavia, like the Volvos displayed previously, have always been benchmark cars for decency in moderation. This Octavia that I am showing is in my opinion, a decent shout for a first car, being the all rounder saloon that it is. It's another sort of respectable choice, and very sensible indeed. Because we don't all run straight to get a fat mk4 Gold when we turn 18 do we? And we aren't all unaware that money doesn't grow on trees. Basically put, if you have a brain and weren't born with the old silver spoon in your mouth, maybe give the Octavia or Superb a look.

Getting bored of writing this:

Listen, I know we only got three cars in, but this article was started 30 days ago as of today and I just could not be bothered to finish it all of this time. But I was also too far in to just delete it....you know?

So yeah, I guess sorry for being so lazy but I just wanna post it now.....

Lalala hope you enjoyed, thank you and goodbye.

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Comments (28)

  • Get a Volvo 240 or 850 and your problems would just go poof.

      1 month ago
  • I’d start with something you can afford to repair and with reasonable annual insurance premiums.

      1 month ago
  • An old ass WRX might do if you mooch on your parent’s insurance

      1 month ago
  • Insurance is a bug consideration. I’d say get something small and French (as long as it isn’t a Peugeot 107, 207 or 307, they’re pretty terrible. The 107 is acceptable but a bit plain)

      1 month ago
  • I am also having trouble choosing my first car. Currently all cars in my drivetribe garage are the ones I am considering. You can look if you want I am always open to others opinion.

      1 month ago