M​y Saleen S7 Twin Turbo!

8w ago

S​o if you remember, a few days ago i made a poll asking you guys if i should buy the Samba SS (Saleen S7) in Driving Empire, Roblox. Most of you said yes, so here are some pics of it!

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Comments (3)

  • Cool! You can try Midnight Racing: Tokyo on Roblox if you want :p

      1 month ago
    • ya ive tried but its kinda hard to play on ipad. when i first played it i spenta whole five minutes walking around trying to figure out stuff

        1 month ago
    • With the new UI, everything is simpler

      Tap the car icon to spawn your car. You can buy a car at the vehicle dealership. You can teleport there from the spawn

      Use the arrows on the ipad's screen to drive. The "!" button is the handbrake

        1 month ago