I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Pants-Tram.

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    I have a secret love. Not many people know about it, because when I do tell people, they inevitably make fun of me and that means they are dumb. Obviously. Here is my secret: I LOVE TRANS AMS. Like, LOVE them. Like, if I had unlimited money for fuel and no need for a decent backseat, I would own the same one that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit and I would drive it everywhere and feel DAMN COOL doing it. Unfortunately, it seems that most people who drive a 1977 TransAm are kiiiiind of....well, not my kind of people. And this is why people make fun of me. Because the TransAm is a douchey hick-mobile.

    But I don't care. I don't care that I would probably break open my child's head trying to fit her in the backseat, and I also don't care that I would be forced to play 80's rock while I drive (forced by whom, I don't know). I love that the hood is long, and the body is shark-like, I love the thunderbird on the hood, I love the little fin on the trunk, I love the power, and I love the t-roof. I love it all. I am comfortable enough with myself to profess my love for the, on the internet. But not in real life. Someday, maybe. Someday I will buy an old one, restore it, and do burnouts down my road to rival those of my neighbours (who are truly burnout artistes).

    Look into my eyes...

    Look into my eyes...

    For me, and people like me, who love the feeling inside that we get when we watch someone (loudly) drive by in a late 70's TransAm, a company called TransAm Depot makes NEW, amazing TransAms out of Chevrolet Camaros. What a genius idea. They are obviously very talented, and very cool, and very smart. I want one of these pretty badly, but it will have to stay in my dream garage until I win the lottery or someone hits me on the crosswalk. I mean, they made a special BANDIT EDITION of this car....and that makes me feel so fuzzy inside. Some of you might have already known about this, but I just found out and I am pumped. I mean, just look at these photos....

    I know that this doesn't really count as a 'family friendly' vehicle, unless you want to show up at your kid's school and be the COOLEST PARENT THERE (and by that I mean embarrass your child so much that they have to jump over the back fence to avoid you or tell their friends you're their weird aunt/uncle). I promise I will get back to the more useful, kid/parent friendly reviews soon. But for now....WE RIDE....into my dreams. *closes eyes and becomes The Bandit*

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