My spines snapped, but at least my car can do a 7:12 around the ring

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In Recent news from Stuttgart, the new 911 991.2 GT3 991.2 911 4L rear wheel glove box, has set a new lap record around the Ring, no, it didn’t beat the Huracan, but it did beat its predecessor by 12 od seconds. This is of great importance to exactly no “Supercar” owner as the last time I check Brompton Rd didn’t have 160 turns.

You see, I have no problem with the Ring its self; it’s a fantastic track with fist bitingly beautiful scenery and amazing racing. However, what I do have a problem with is the manufacturers that take the cars to the Ring to develop them.

AN Nurburgring

Recently VW set the record for the fastest FWD car, the Clubsport S. And guess what, on a smooth road with no potholes or speed bumps the car is amazing – If you don’t plan on having more than one passenger- but in city traffic, or on a bumpy b road it will bump your spine through the base of your skull. The same story goes for the BMW M4 GTS, Nismo GT-R track edition, and I have the suspicion that the new Civic will be the same.

If you fancy spending the remainder of your life savings on Physio appointments, this is the car for you

Its just an industrial bout of Willy waving

So, what is the attraction for manufacturers to go to the Nurburging and set a time? From my point of view, it’s an industrial bout of Willy waving. Makers going out of their way to create a car that is quicker around a 160 corner track, just to stick two fingers up to their rivals.

And all of this is fair and well, but the problem is that for us the driver, our spine, buttock, and other sensitive areas take the full brunt of the force. So when you pull up to the parking lot in your GT3 you can tell your mates “My car will do a 7:12 around the ring”. To which they will laugh, because you live in West Brompton and at no stage will you challenge the car by driving to Harrods to show of just how small your tacker actually is. Not only this, but after affording one of these “Track focused cars” you will spend the remainder of your money on a misuse, or chiropractor.

Recent M4 GTS buyer, obviously sponsored by Adidas, or had stolen the car....


So, here is my solution, we must simply take note from Ferrari. Dynamically, the 458/488 are some of the best handling cars on the market. In track mode they are balanced so well, but press the bumpy road mode, and your track eating monster will happily take you to the south of France without a fractured pelvis. And why might that be???? THEY DIDN’T DEVELOP THE 488 on the Nurburgring. Yet when it did set a time, it was only a second slower then the bone pulverising BMW M4 GTS.

Simply, we must ban or indeed limit (5 laps per year) manufacturers from setting lap times, or taking prototypes to the ring. Develop them on normal roads where 95% of all drivers will take their cars. If all manufacturers can get this right, then maybe we will have a group of nice supercars, that in normal driving modes will not turn our pelvic bones into the consistency of Walter Whites’ finest.

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Also, just to clear up I have nothing against the GT3. I haven’t driven it yet, but it is simply and example of a track focused car….


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  • if manufactories would stop developing their cars on the ring, it would become too expensive for mortals like me to enjoy the ring. as prices would sore though the roof. so let them pay for the ring, as we'll keep on coming back for driving a few laps for years to come.

    2 years ago
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  • Good read! Thanks for sharing. I would like to point your attention to the fact that the cars you consider "good" are not track cars and the "bad" ones are. So simple - don't buy track cars for driving them on bad roads or don't moan about your spine should you choose to have the extra precision that they give. Compromises.

    2 years ago
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    • The problem is these 'halo' versions of cars become those that people aspire to. Some of the features make it into less track focussed versions of the cars because the...

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      2 years ago