Now, let’s begin by kicking off with Toyota. Not the Prius this time, but the Supra, because for now I just have no idea what they’ve done with it. And I say for now because who knows if more versions are on the way.

For starters, here’s a question: have they just spent about 6-7 years, doing nothing else but thinking on which other brand they could partner up with in order to start building the car? Because the final result still looks the same as the 2014 FT-1 concept. This is the least of my worries though, because I have to say, it still does look quite cool.

Now, here goes my second question: what on Earth have they been smoking? Seriously, the only Supra thing about this car is, well, the 90’s Supra badge, nothing else.

I really love BMW, and I really love Toyota, separately though. Because what they’ve just done here, is ruining the name of one of the most iconic sports cars.
First, despite having the exact same engine, the “Supra” which should be the sportier of the siblings, well it isn’t. The Supra needs to be not just a sports car, but more of a supercar. It should have been up there fighting right up against both GT-R and NSX. But nope, turns out it’s been given even less horsepower than Europe’s ultimate hairdresser's car.
And secondly, they haven’t even bothered about developing a manual gearbox for it - seriously, what on Earth have these guys been smoking? You guys can dig it as much as you like, but for me, a sports car without a manual gearbox, well I describe those as castrated.
Finally, they haven’t left the car at its best so tuning companies can have some fun in such a way that’s easier for them when it comes to modify the stock car parts. But then, isn’t a manual gearbox swap one of the trickiest bits on a car?

Maybe they happen to get it right in a couple of years with a more hardcore version - just as it happened with both Huracán Performance and M4 GTS -, but for now though, if you want a modern day sports car from Toyota, just get the GT86. It’s a manual from the get go, and about 10k less than the stupid “Supra”. It’s also even less powerful, but hey, you’ll still have about 10k left in your pocket to tune it up a bit, right?

Anyway, the new TVR Griffith is awesome isn’t it? 5-litre naturally aspirated V8, 500 horsepower, 6-speed manual, 400bhp per tonne, 200mph top speed, side exhaust… Oh, and speaking of the structural stuff, Gordon Murray’s behind the project. So, this TVR is GBP 90k. Still, cheaper than a GT-R.
In conclusion though, if I had 90k in my pocket right now, what I would do is just buy a Dodge Viper really.

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