My swiss army knee

I'm pleased to announce that after two sleepless nights and several hours' surgery, my Swiss Army Knee is finished and works. It bends in the middle and whilst a problem at airport security, is at least rustproof.

Being a Swiss Army Knee it may even contain attachments to meet some of the basic tasks outlined in the weird office-boy fantasy outlined in Clarkson's recent post. We must give him some leeway though; he'd been up quite early looking for a crayon.

Back in action soon.

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  • Cant wait to see the movie...

    2 years ago
    7 Bumps
  • some says. . . That he is the first hamster in history to have a bionic knee, the first to have 9 lives like a cat. . . . But all we know is.... it's called. . . HAMMOND!

    2 years ago
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