My take on the huracan

and why i still love the gallardo

4y ago

I will keep this short. The Lamborghini Huracan is a much better car in all regards compared to the Gallardo but I kind of miss all the things that were wrong with the Gallardo.

After every ride in a Gallardo I would get out with bleeding ears from the loud V10, a sweaty back from the poor noise isolation, aching legs from the lack of space and a neck nearly snapped by the gearbox. And the 'dynamics' as car journalists call it, weren't that great either. But despite its shortcomings the level of drama and excitement was hard to top - in other words I always wanted to have a go in the Gallardo again regardless if it was a top of the range LP570 Superleggera or a first gen Gallardo.

With the Huracan Lamborghini addressed all these issues - the gearbox is very smooth, the noise in the cabin is dimmed, the seat doesn't get up to 40C anymore and it handles a lot better. Yes, it looks great but somehow I really miss the drama and the shortcomings of the Gallardo. Lamborghini built a better car in all regards but is it a better Lamborghini? My answer is no. It is too much like a Porsche 911 and too little like a real Lamborghini.

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Comments (4)

  • I want to like the Huracan but the noise keeps me from loving it. I know that are many pops and bangs when you downshift but it sounds like an Audi. Which is not weird because the R8 and Huracan have the same engine, but I want a Lambo to scream. The Gallardo did that, so why can't the Huracan do the same?

      4 years ago
  • Des they say great minds think alike although I believe it's a heart over head choice

      4 years ago
  • Martin glad I'm not the only one! Save the Gallardos!

      4 years ago
  • I was out playing in our hurrican yesterday. When I returned I was chatting with our md and we have a mk1 superleggera parked in the corner and for all its quirks it's the one we are contemplating taking off sale and keeping just because we both agree it's got the true sense of lamboness

      4 years ago