My thoughts about Need for Speed Heat so far...

I've been playing NFS Heat probably a little more than I would like to admit but here are my thoughts about the game.

1y ago

Let's start with the good things.

Out of all the NFS games that Ghost has made, this is definetely the best one. It's not perfect but so much better than Rivals, 2015 and Payback. There are surprising amount of positive things to say about this game so let's go.

My biggest probelm with mainly 2015 and Payback was the handling and the physics in general but in Heat, the handling is brilliant. Not the best but way better than in the other 2 games. I can finally grip and not drift everywhere and also my car actually brakes like a normal car whenever I brake. Drifting in Heat is a bit wacky in my opinion but you can get used to it after a while. Offroading is so much better than Payback and it's surprisingly fun. In Payback I didn't like doing offroad races but in Heat I love doing them.

Other good thing about Heat is the story. It's not the best story ever but it's better than 2015 and Payback. Only negative thing that I have with the story is the length of it. It's very short. Maybe they could add a story expansion in the future or something like that.

Let's talk about the negative things now.

There is a tie between my biggest issues in NFS Heat. Firstly is the car list. It's so unbalanced. There are way too many super cars compared to lower end cars. Don't get me started on the million different convertible versions of random cars when you can't even take the roof off from and S2000 or Miata ffs. The car list is just a mess. Maybe I'm the only one annoyed by the car list because I don't care about super cars in NFS games but these are just my thoughts. I'm not saying that they should only have cars that I want but I'm just saying that there are way too many super cars compared to everything else. Also in the subject of car list, there is some cars that don't make any sense to me at all and they annoy me everytime I play with them. Those cars are: Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, Nissan Silvia S15, Honda Civic Type R EK9/FK2, Honda NSX-R and Nissan 180SX Type X. If you look at what country is Heat located and think about what is the correlation with those cars and the country of the game, you might come to the conclusion that there isn't any correlation at all. NFS Heat is based in The USA and none of those cars was ever available in the US. The S15 annoys me the least in that list because there wasn't any version of that car sold in the US unlike the other cars. The Spirit R RX-7 should have been just a regular RX-7, the EK9 Type R Civic just a regular EX Civic (or maybe even Si Civic but that would have been a coupe instead of a hatch), FK2 Type R as an Si Civic, NSX-R as an Acura NSX, 180SX as a 240SX. This is something that annoys me very much but it might not annoy you at all but I'm just telling you my thoughts.

Secondly is the customization. Honestly it is so boring and basically the same since 2015 especially for the cars that have been in NFS games since 2015. The only customization in Heat seems to be that modern #stancenation type s**t. Which in this case means that all the unique stuff and creativity (minus wraps) flies right out of the windows never to be able to seen again. You can't make you car diffrent in any way from the rest (minus the wraps again). You go to games like NFS Underground, Midnight Club and even GTA V online and you can make your cars so different because of all the different car modifying styles that those games have. In those games you could make your Golf for example look like a euro lowrider if you wanted to or make it look like old school euro style or even sport compacts style to a certain extend if you wanted to. In NFS however you can't even if you wanted to expect the wrap. The customization in NFS Heat is just boring and non-exciting. I'm not exactly saying that it's bad looking but it's just boring.

These are my thougths about NFS Heat so far. Keep in mind that these are MINE. In MY opinion the game is gameplay and story wise good but car list and customization wise 50/50. The game has so much potential and I'm still excited to see what Ghost is going to add and change about the game in the future.

Have a good day!

- Turbo Amuse

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Comments (7)

  • I don’t care for super cars i just want jdm it’s what nfs really is

      1 year ago
  • I have the exact same opinion. A huge plus in payback was that a drag car looked like it was built for drag racing (thick tires, wheelie bars etc.) and so did the off-road car with different tires, light bars and bash bars! Now most of that is entirely gone, we still have some of the parts, but the super builds, probably the best part about payback is entirely gone...

    You can't lower your cars without giving them stupid amounts of camber so most of my cars are way to high and have huge wheel gaps...

      1 year ago
  • I want more low end cars in the game

      1 year ago