My Thoughts On a Rental Ford Edge.

Not all rental cars are awful... right?

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During a (semi) recent trip to Plano, Texas, my family and I rented a Ford Edge. This for me was a very weird occurrence. Typically we get something “Mopar” (because I’m a bit of a “Mopar-or-no-car” kind of guy). Naturally, you can imagine my surprise when we walked up to a (as previously mentioned) Ford Edge. I’m sure we had other vehicles to choose from but we were all standing right there and had a hotel to get to. So we piled all our stuff in, got in the car and left the rental place.

(Sorry for the low amount of pictures, this was the last day with the car and we were in a bit of a rush)

(Sorry for the low amount of pictures, this was the last day with the car and we were in a bit of a rush)

“What was your impression of the Edge?” Well… what can I say? I was actually pretty darn impressed with it. The ride is smoother than that of the family Tiguan and I’m sure it has a more spacious interior as well. My mother and sister “reported” to me that the rear legroom was nice (coming from two people who are under 5′ “4, their opinions; while valued, aren’t going to hold the same weight as someone who is, say… 6′ “3).

Speaking of the interior, the inside of the Edge made a particularly good impression. With some (some) soft-touch materials in the cabin and some decently well laid out controls, the Edge won more points with me than I thought it would. The buttons while not completely intuitive, weren’t very hard to learn. Ford’s Sync3 system isn’t a very difficult system to use. However, I didn’t find it very visually appealing. The icons weren’t attractive and the menus were boring. I even checked to see if the Sync3 system in the Edge we got was the top-of-the-line version. To my surprise it pretty much was. The only thing it was missing was the voice-activated commands and built-in navigation. I don’t know how much the rental company paid for our Edge Titanium, but the Build and Price on Ford’s website says an Edge Titanium costs $36,025. Not to harp on the infotainment too much, but it doesn’t look like a high-end system. It looks more like one of those base systems on lower-end models. Except this is the best Ford has to offer (don’t know if that also includes Lincoln). Curious about where the Titanium trim stood in the lineup, I checked Ford’s website and saw that it’s the second highest trim level in the lineup (below the sport). For comparison, I went to Jeep’s website and built a new 2019 Cherokee Limited 4×4 with similar features to the Edge we had and it came out at $36,600. For 575 dollars more I could get a superior infotainment system, an equally nice interior, the 2.0 “Hurricane” engine that is more powerful than the Ecoboost engine in the Edge, and nearly all the features the Edge had (and more). In terms of value for money when it comes to features, the Cherokee definitely wins this battle.

The problems don’t end there either. Much like the Charger, the Edge has an annoying plastic block where the HVAC controls are. This might not annoy everyone, but stylistically, it annoys me greatly. There’s just so much excess material. It looks like an unfinished panel one would use when testing buttons for development vehicle. Instead of changing it out though, Ford said: “forget it, let’s just leave it.”

“What about the drivetrain?” Our Edge came with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder Ecoboost engine. This was my first time experiencing the Ecoboost and this is what I have to say about it: It moved the Edge with some grunt.

… That’s it. The engine did its job. Nothing more, nothing less. Unlike the family Tiguan, the engine in the Ecoboost is a bit more stoic. It gets the vehicle moving and when you really get on it the engine does make a bit of noise but it’s nothing to write home about. Thankfully the Edge wasn’t under powered, but the engine was sort of existing in the engine bay. If the engine was a character, it would make for a weak protagonist. Not bad, but not something that grips you. The engine would need a deuteragonist as its friend to make it interesting. What is the deuteragonist in the Edge? I believe that to be the looks of the Edge.

While the engine isn’t stopping any shows, the styling is certainly making appearances in the end-credit scenes. I’m a bit surprised I’m about to say this, but in my opinion, the Edge is one of the best looking crossovers on the market today. It strikes a good balance of modern and interesting without overdoing it, and relatively organic without being boring. Ford has done an excellent job styling this generation of the Edge and the facelift is no different (not that we had the facelift).

Overall, the Edge really impressed me. The infotainment system Ford uses is probably the worst part about the Edge. The rest of it is pleasant, roomy, good-looking, and comfortable. Unless you had your heart set on another car, I don’t think you’ll be easily disappointed by the Edge.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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  • Never buy a used rental car, never

      1 year ago
    • Correct. Not only will it be beaten to death, but the seats also have a numerous amount of other people's... road trip mishaps in them. Of the "my stomach is blowing up like a balloon" variety.

        1 year ago