M​y top 10 driving pet peeves

A​nd what really grinds my gears!

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H​ere is a list of my top 10 pet peeves when it comes to other drivers. Feel free to share yours below!

1​. Smoking

Y​ou may not think of this as something annoying, but it's actually considered to be distracted driving. Smoking is harmless, you say? Nope. Not when you're directly behind the driver when they decide to flick their lit cigarette out the window, directly into your open window. Yes, that happened to me this past summer.

2​. Driving with no lights on

I​ absolutely hate this. Don't do it. Especially at night. You can cause a serious accident if a transport truck doesn't see you. TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON.

3​. Blasting some God-awful music with the windows down

A​gain, totally not cool. You can listen to your music at a decent level, without having to share it with others, especially when it makes my ears bleed and my car shake because you've turned your bass level to earth shattering levels.

​4. Tailgating

T​his is probably the most annoying thing ever on the list. I obey the speed limits. I don't appreciate some moron in some giant pick up truck an inch from my bumper. I'm already going 15 over the limit. Give me some SPACE! If I'm not going fast enough for you, then go around me. Simple.

5​. Brake checking

T​his has happened to me a handful of times. And the funny thing about it, is it was always the person in front of me who was in the wrong. Just last week before my accident, some moron in a jetta decided to cut me off, then slam on his brakes as soon as he pulled in front of me, then proceeded to do so for 4 stoplights. Nice on, buddy!

6​. Not speeding up on on-ramps to merge onto the highway

T​hese ramps are meant for you to gain enough speed so that you can safely merge onto the highway before another car comes along. This doesn't mean you can go a leisurely pace the entire way, then improperly merge causing the person to honk at you. Pedal to the metal!

7​. Using your cellphone, even though it's illegal

T​he no-cellpone law is in place for a reason. You cannot, under any circumstances, use your phone while you are driving. Not at a stop light or while you're in traffic. Pay attention to the road, and leave your phone alone. I'm sure that last text you sent isn't worth dying over.

8​. Improper use of your indicators

T​hey are meant to warn other drivers of your lane changes. Not seconds before you decide to cut across 3 lanes like a bat out of hell, or right before you decide to cut me off. If you cannot make a lane change safely, don't even bother.

9​. Driving 20 under the limit

I​ understand that there are overly cautious people driving out there, and the elderly. Totally understandable. But when you deliberately go too slow on a perfectly clear day, it can be even more dangerous. Why? Because people will get extremely impatient and will honk at you. Please do your best to keep up with everyone.

1​0. Going through a stop sign

Do people not see the giant red sign that says STOP? Because they think its okay to blow through them, or roll through it on a quiet side street. If I have to stop, so do you.

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  • Yep hate them all too seem to be worst on Sundays when the weekend drivers consume our wonderful driving roads !

      8 months ago