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My top 10 favourite cars from 2018

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We’ve already had DriveTribe Community Car of the Year, and after 2 weeks of voting, we found the Singer 911 DLS to be the people’s favourite car from the past 12 months. Now though, I felt I ought to go through my top 10 personal favourites from 2018. Starting with...

10: Rolls Royce Cullinan

SUVs are frowned upon by petrolheads like atheists are by the religious. But while the performance orientated kind is as pointless as a porous raincoat, when SUVs are dedicated to luxury, they are wonderful. And you’ll find no SUV more luxurious than the Cullinan.

9: Speedkore Dodge Demon

While straight line speed is frequently branded as unimaginative and one-dimensional, when it’s available in such enormous quantities the Speedkore Demon offers, it’s mightily entertaining. For the one and only job of straight line performance, this 1400 horsepower Twin-Turbo lightweight Demon is better than anything else out there.

8: Mole Costruzione Artigianale 001

I have a shocking confession to make: I’ve never found the Alfa Romeo 4C to be a particularly beautiful car. Wearing the body crafted for it by these people however, it steels the breath from my lungs.

7: Porsche 993 Turbo S Project Gold

Essentially, this is a brand new Porsche 993 - albeit, one that can’t be driven on the road because it doesn’t meet modern regulations. While that does rather take the shine off it, it’s still an absolutely magnificent machine.

6: Canepa 959SC

This Porsche however most certainly can be driven on the public highways - and that’s because it’s essentially a restomodded Porsche 959. With the 2.9L Bi-Turbo Flat-6 turned right the way up to 765bhp, this is a classic hyper-GT that can comfortably keep up with modern exotica.

5: Ruf SCR

A familiar shape, made from the ground up by Ruf themselves out of carbon fibre. The result of that is a weight significantly less than the current GT3 RS, yet the 4L normally aspirated Flat-6 in the back of the Ruf produces a near-identical 503bhp - all of which gets sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox.

4: Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

As a piece of pure madness, the Valkyrie AMR Pro is beyond comparison. For the first time in the history of automotive engineering, a car has been designed without any limitations whatsoever - meaning it has the potential to be the fastest thing on wheels around a circuit when it’s released. All I have to say is: thank God for Adrian Newey!

3: Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600

The final goodbye for this generation of Aston Martin Vantage brings the classic V600 soubriquet back to life. Using a GT12 spec 6L V12 with 592bhp, the V600 is probably going to be the last car ever made to feature a naturally aspirated V12 and a manual gearbox. Yes, I’m choked up, too!

2: Singer 911 DLS

The Singer 911 Design & Lightweighting Study takes everything we love about classic 911s, and puts it all on steroids. The engine is a 4L air-cooled Flat-6 developed by Williams to deliver 500bhp at 9,000rpm. But even when laying dormant, this car has the power to make your heart flutter with its array of mouthwatering details.

1: Bugatti Divo

Finally, my favourite car from 2018 has to be the divine Bugatti Divo. With looks crazier than any Bugatti below the VGT, it dedicates itself to handling excellence and driver engagement - while retaining the 1500 horsepower savagery synonymous with the brand. If we ever get to see this thing in action properly, it will be very special indeed.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello


Twitter: @AngeloUccello


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