Mโ€‹y top 3 Niels Van Roij designs

โ€‹Exclusivity, design, and perfection, that are the three words you probably will think about a lot while reading this article.

Wโ€‹ell obviously this being a top 3, I'll kick off with number 4.... uh 3

Nโ€‹umber 3: Electric Shooting Brake

Let's kick off with a shooting brake based on the Tesla Model S. Wโ€‹hen I first met this car in the Top Gear Netherlands magazine back in 2018 I loved it, and I still do. It's not actually the first shooting brake based on a Tesla Model S, British QWest (the blue one in the gallery below) made one before, but the van Roij looks unarguably better.

In contrast to the QWest, the van Roij design just... works. Every detail is just very well thought through and you sense that in well, everything. From the beautiful beige/black interior to the shape of the back window. Even the rear windscreen wiper has been carefully designed, wait? Which rear wiper? Well, it's hidden under the rear spoiler, they thought about everything. The green metallic paint just looks astonishing, I'd have this over a standard Model S anytime. They planned on building 19 cars, but due to a lack of interest, they just made 1. Exclusivity guaranteed and a well-deserved place.

Nโ€‹umber 2: The Breadvan Hommage

Tโ€‹he name kinda gives it away, doesn't it? This car is a homage to the legendary Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan which made its debut in the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Hommage is based on a Ferrari 550 Maranello, well that's the basic car they started with but officially it's based on "an Italian V12 Gran Turismo Coupรฉ". This to avoid Ferrari's lawyers. Which also is the reason for the absence of any Ferrari badge.

Sโ€‹o, why does this belong in my top 3, well I absolutely love the charisma of the car. As pointed out by Ben Welham, the lights in the grill are looking stunning. This combined with the vents in the bonnet is making the car look aggressively. The side profile just looks very very clean, all the proportions are just correct and nothing doesn't belong there, perfection fully executed. Moving on to the rear side, the slight angle of the upper part and 4 big exhausts, it's just... unbelievably well done. And then there's the interior with blue Alcantara seats, very stylish in my opinion. A well-deserved second place.

Nโ€‹umber 1: Adventum Coupรฉ

Tโ€‹he one you all waited for, number 1. The first car in the list that didn't go through a roof lengthening of some sort. No, this is the car that Land Rover didn't dare to build, a coupรฉ version of the Range Rover. But luckily, van Roij took the challenge and created a piece of art. The first photo is of the Range Rover SV Coupรฉ which Range Rover planned to build but eventually didn't.

Tโ€‹he first thing of the Adventum coupรฉ that catches your eye -after the fact that it is a coupรฉ- is the lack of the weirdly positioned, very ugly chrome strip on the front door. This thing usually causes you only to be able to buy a black Range Rover and black it out. Without this weird piece of chrome, the side profile looks way better in my opinion. Looking at the official Range Rover SV Coupรฉ, you've probably seen that it literally has a moustache. I think the van Roij designed looks way cleaner and more stylish, without the moustache and weird grilles. And because it's a custom made car, everything is possible in the interior, the pictured one has a tastefully white exterior with a nice red interior. It's most definitely deserves first place on this list.

Tโ€‹hank you so much for reading.

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