M​y Top 5 Favorite Cars

T​he placements of these cars do keep switching around depending upon my mood, so I haven't numbered my list.

13w ago

M​cLaren P1

A​h, yes the P1. One of the holy trinity cars. I've always been a fan of the styling and the sound, ohhh, the beautiful sound. There's no reason to dislike this car at all. I think that the P1 looks best with carbon fibre bits, but it looks good with an exposed carbon body as well.

P​agani Huarya BC

J​ust admit it, the Huarya BC looks amazing. The AMG V12 powering it is wild and fun. Oh, and who can forget the craftsmanship level of Pagani? It's a real head-turner. What's not to like?

​Lamborghini Aventador

M​ost people will agree that the Aventador is one of their favorite cars. The styling was very futuristic for its time. As soon as I look at an Adventador, I hear, "Welcome back to the beautiful state of Utah!" in my head because TheStradman has helped me fall in love with Aventadors.

K​oenigsegg Agera (all variants)

O​f course I had to include a Koenigsegg in this list. The Agera was a groundbreaking car for Koenigsegg and really helped the company become more famous. And who can forget the looks?

L​amborghini Huracan

T​he second Lambo on the list is the Huracan. I absolutely adore this car. It looks stunning in Liberty Walk kits. Stock form isn't bad either. No wonder this is one of Lamborghini's bestselling modeIs.

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