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My Top 5 Michael Schumacher Moments

41w ago


I always say that my passions are Photography, Music and Traveling.

Motorsport isn't a passion, that is my life, my reason to live.

If today I'm a petrolhead is 50% because of DNA and 50% because of Michael Schumacher.

So here's my tribute to the Man who taught me to dream. It's about the heroic things I saw live. Being born on October 1995, 3 days after his win on Aida circuit, I can't quite remember what happened until 1998/99, so please forgive me if I didn't put 90s moments.

My top 5 Michael Schumacher Moments : (Then I'd like to know yours in the comments)

5) Every single Sunday of my childood until I've turned 12 yrs old.

F1 was boring in the early 2000s? Not for me. It was a ritual repeated almost every Sunday while lunching at my grandma's house : Who's gonna win today? Schumacher of course! - Usually a lunch ends with fruits and desserts ; not at my granny's house. The lunch used to end after the German and Italian anthems. Still remember how sad and angry I was whenever Schumi missed to win a race, even when he did let Rubens win a couple of races maybe as thanking him of Austria 2002.

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4) Suzuka 2000.

I was a very little kid but I remember very well that Sunday morning. It was incredible and the VHS tape where my dad recorded that race is definitely over used considering how many times I replayed that magic moment.


3) Brazil 2006. He showed the World who was the REAL World Champion.

After the Suzuka engine disaster, the German Champion needs a miracle to win the Championship. Brazil, Interlagos ; Michael is retiring from F1 and this was his last race for Ferrari. Race starts and he was gaining positions until Fisichella had a contact with him during an overtake causing a puncture to the rear tyre of his Ferrari. Michael jumped into last place with a markable gap from the second last car.

I remember it as a movie cause I still can't believe what Michael has done on that day. He was on fire and he did one of the best races in the entire history ending his final Ferrari race with a marvelous overtake on his successor - literally - Kimi Räikkönen.

He finished the race in 4th place and 2nd in the World Championship even if he showed everybody who really deserved to win that title and who really was the World Champion, again.


2) Monza 2006. The King salutes his Empire and introduces his successor.

Winning at Monza is special.

Winning at Monza with a Ferrari is even more special.

Winning at Monza being the most successful driver ever, with a Ferrari, while everybody aware it would be the last time... that's simply magic.

I've also found it very touching and romantic when Schumi hugs Kimi on the podium like telling him "now it's up to you." As I've already written, it's a winner legacy.

But words are not enough you must see it :


1) Q3 Monaco 2012. OUTSTANDING COMEBACK Rocky Balboa's Style.

Nowadays everybody use sweet words for Michael, but I didn't forget all the idiots that then criticized him to be under performing. The same idiots who still criticize drivers today and every time get proved to be wrong.

On the circuit where the driver's talent matters more than the car, against 5 World Champions + 1 (Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso, Button + Rosberg) and against much younger drivers, at 43 years old, Michael Schumacher did one of the best Pole Position Laps ever.

He drove with ONE HAND into Pool Corners (13 & 14) at +200 kph. Nobody could believe it and seeing the number one next to his name after a long time did bring a lot of nostalgia. I remember that I was too happy, I cried and I felt, thought and hoped he was finally back. Unfortunately that Mercedes wasn't the current one and he only went once on the podium that year during the European GP (Another magic podium that was).

However that Saturday I was so proud to be a fan Michael Schumacher, he showed again who was the best despite everything but I felt also angry because even if Michael was the fastest, he didn't start from Pole Position - because during the Spain GP, Schumacher had a collision with Bruno Senna's Williams and got a penalty of 5 places on the grid for the next GP, Monaco. -

I'm totally convinced that if the Mercedes n°7 would have started from Pole Position, the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix Winner would have been Michael Schumacher and it would have been too beautiful to be true. In fact since we don't live on Thomas More's island of Utopia, that never happened.

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