My Top Five Dream Builds!

We all have a bucketlist, here's mine!

10w ago

When I'm rich and famous I will... probably not live on an island. It's not big enough for driving! Yes, cars occupy my dream lifestyle, and while it's very well to say what your dream garage is (P1, DBS, Taycan, DBX, AMG GT, RX-7, M8, V8 Vantage Gen 1, 300SL if you were wondering), sometimes I wonder about being a bit more creative. So here's my list of what cars I would love to build, if I had the money!

Dacia Sandero + Merc A45 Engine (Sub £30k)

There are two types of reactions to this announcement. One: 'Why?!?!?!?'. The other 'Yessss!!!!' The engine will fit. The Sandero and A-Class share a lot of engines and the bays are pretty similar, so this 400bhp 4-cyl will transform the Sandero while staying subtle. I would probably use this as a sleeper, keep it lowkey and then destroy Audis for fun on the motorway.

Sandero? Well, for this I might actually be able to afford a brand new one, at £10k. A45 engine can be picked up for £15k. Sorted!

DeLorean DMC-12 + Nissan GT-R R35 Engine (Sub £50k)

I'm a sucker for the Deluxo... oops, DeLorean, but it doesn't quite appeal to me in standard form. The styling is a bit too awkward, and it drives very badly. The solution? The 3.8L 590bhp V6 from a Nissan GT-R, coupled with a redesigned rear bumper and side skirts. I would possibly even swap out the rear lights for some imitative LED ones!

You can pick a DeLorean up for about £40k now, if you know where to look, and an R-35 Engine is in the region of £15k. That leaves just enough left for a new paintjobs and some cosmetic touchups!

Jaguar XJ-R + Jaguar XJ Limo (Sub £100k)

Hear me out. I'm rich and famous, and I want to be driven fast in supreme comfort. Buy a Ghost or Maybach, you may say. Yes, but I'm difficult. You see, I love the XJR-575, a V8 loon that shows what a super saloon should really be like. And the XJ is also sold as a stretch limousine. So combine the two, and in a Clarkson-esque manner, the world's first and only sports limo. 0-60 around 4.2 seconds, 575bhp, a very happy man in the back!

The XJ-R 575 can be had for around £70k, and I reckon £30k would allow for some new metal and welding. Job done!

Tesla Model X + Bugatti Chiron W12 Powertrain (Sub £2 mil)

This is where it starts to get expensive. And yes, I know, you will all say 'but Dan, just put a 1500bhp electric motor in there and it will be a fifth of the price!' Ok, but shush. I acknowledge that one day I will have to become a family man, and I'm not being seen dead in a GLS 63 or X7 M50d! Solution, mount a Bugatti W12 Engine behind the second row of seats. Yup, I know, it probably won't work, but money buys everything. After transferring all the innards to the lazy SUV, I'll let the motors run the front wheels and the engine the rear.

Result? I might have just invented the world's first 2,500bhp W12 Hybrid SUV for the schoolrun. The kids will probably still be embarrassed! But it would probably be costly. You need a £1.5 mil Chiron to strip, a £150k Tesla to strip, a LOT of custom parts and a LOT of work.

Ferrari F1 Car - but road legal (Sub £5 mil)

Doing a build? Paying for some to do it for you? I don't have a problem with either of those, and I've gotta have a 1 of 1 Ferrari. I'd like the FXXK powertrain in a bodyshape that looks like an F1 car, but is only just road legal, unlike the FXXK. I've got the design in my head, and the money to pay for it! Ferrari, gimme a phone call!

By the way, I don't. :(

Which of these builds do you like the most?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article!

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Comments (6)

  • The Tesla one physically wouldn’t work as the batteries are apart of the frame.

      2 months ago
  • LaDan Harris lol

      2 months ago
  • I would like to point you to SCHWA motor sports. He swapped the engine in my car, and is working on his very own Lotus Elise with a transversal mounted VW W8 twin turbo swap.

      2 months ago
  • A 1 of 1 Ferrari for sub 5 million... I really admire your optimism!

      2 months ago