My top ten favourite F1 liveries

Here are my personal top 10 favourite F1 liveries and some amazing ones in motorsport generally

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10. Alpine A521

This has got to be the second best livery of the t

9. Williams w40

My favourite car of the turbo hybrid era and a great backmarker car livery with bottas and Massa behind the wheel

8. McLaren mp4 23

a car that began Lewis's career as a championship contender which had an ok livery

7. Jordan 191

The car that made Schumacher a household name in that iconic 7up car but I'm probably going to get comments saying this should be higher

6. brawn gpb 001

This team was a one season miracle and the car livery was amazing with neon highlights

5. Renault r26

top 5 time, The r26 was a great livery Alonso clearly has a good taste in liveries the r26 and the alpine which make my top 10

4. lotus 49

I was thinking about the McLaren gulf but that was a 1 off Monaco livery so I chose tis instead a great livery then and a great livery now on the Radford type 62-2

3. Williams FW14B

that livery is truly iconic driven by Nigel Mansell and Riccardo patresse truly a legendary livery

2. lotus 77

Senna drove some amazing liveries this and the one that you can guess by now is number 1

1. mclaren mp4-4

this car is the car i go to when i think of a generic f1 car its legendry and the rivalry was as well

honourable mentions

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  • Interesting choice and i mostly agree except one slight thing. Everything else shifts down a place and the number 1 slot goes to Ferrari livery 1950 to present day cause lets face it there is nothing more primal than blood red.

      22 days ago
  • Can I suggest proofreading?

      22 days ago